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When you find out how to manage anger, it will be easier for you to help others as well. It's a proven fact. When you get better, you're in better shape to help others to become their own best anger management resource.

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This is really not so much about managing anger as it is about:

  • How to understand anger

  • How to find the story behind your anger

  • How to heal the emotional wounds that gave rise to your anger in the first place

  • How to express anger in healthy ways

If you don't want to tell your story or ask your question just now, just return to the menus on this page, and search for what you need.

This entire web site is dedicated to helping you understand, heal and manage your anger in healthy ways. The most important thing is that you believe in yourself and don't give up. I am absolutely certain that you can heal your anger, because I've healed my own and helped thousands of clients heal theirs.

What does it mean to heal your anger? It means that it works for you and not against you. It means that all of your emotions (including your anger) fuel effective action, on a consistent basis. Your anger actually becomes your ally, empowering you to fulfill your vision.

You can do this. Tell us your story now.

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Before You Judge Yourself, Assess Your Situation 
First let me say that I recently was ordered by a court to get an anger assessment. I have no problem with that and actually welcome it. I take responsibility, …

My Anger Is Ruining My Once Happy Life 
My name is Kate, and I'm 24 years old. I used to have a pretty normal life. I come from a very loving and caring family with parents who have always supported …

Two Faced 
Okay, so my sister-in-law is cheating on my brother who is in jail. I hate her. If I tell my brother than he will just be real angry and real hurt about …

Anger Took Over  
I am truly in love with a wonderful man, a man who is caring and loving. But I have a problem with picking fights with him for no reason, or for reasons …

My Anger Is A Ruin In My Life  
I am a 30 year old female, married with a son who is 6 years old. I've been suffering with the problem of anger for the past 7 years. I'm basically a loving …

How To Avoid Being Angry 
It is very common to get angry. Everyone does it. no matter how hard you think you try you will get upset or angry. The thing that could make you stand …

My Boyfriend Seems Like A Jekyll And Hyde Not rated yet
I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years, and we just moved in together last month. Our relationship is really great overall. We have a lot of fun …

I Have Children And Live With My Mom And I Don't Know What To Do Not rated yet
To start off, I have always had problems with my mom. She almost always had nothing nice to say about me. Since I was 13, I was always depressed for …

Betrayed By A Friend Not rated yet
My name is Ian. In 1995, the company I worked for closed the plant and I was part of the layoffs. They were generous though and gave me 6 month's severance …

I Am Ready To Heal My Angry Life Not rated yet
Hi Doctor. My name is Alyssa. I am a very angry person. I get mad or annoyed at just about everything. Everything pisses me off. I pick fights with …

How Much Anger Is Normal In A Romantic Relationship Not rated yet
I grew up in a household that communicated poorly, suppressed emotion, believed anger was bad. My parents were both passive aggressive and constantly …

Out Of Control Outbursts And Rage Not rated yet
Hi, my name is joy. As far as I can remember I have always had a temper and over the years I'm afraid it has gotten worse. My early childhood I was raised …

The Man I'm With Doesn't Believe In Marriage Not rated yet
OK! This story starts about 11 yrs. ago. This guy asks me out on a date (we were at a dance). So, I said yes. We dated and fell in love and I found out …

I'm Only 13 And I Can't Control My Anger Not rated yet
Well I get mad at the slightest thing. My sister was wearing my shorts and I threw things. I always remember something bad that happened to me and …

I Just Want To Break Down And Cry Not rated yet
I find myself getting so angry. I will get angry at little things, say if my sibling is doing something that really ticks me off I will attempt to stay …

I'm Angry All Of The Time And I Don't Like How I Am Not rated yet
Sometimes I tend to answer my parents in a disrespectful way because I can get really annoyed when they keep telling me the same things over and over. …

The Almost Great Boyfriend Not rated yet
My boyfriend can be (and usually is) great - thoughtful, sweet, caring, etc. We rarely fight, but when we do argue he often screams and swears. Sometimes …

What Should I Do When I Am Angry For Being Treated Un-fairly? Not rated yet
I usually only get mad at my mom and sister. My sister is 15, and I am 13. I also have 3 other siblings between the ages of 6-10. Those three and I …

I'm Worried About My Anger And Walking Around The Block Isn't Working Any More Not rated yet
I'm worried about my anger. Last year me and my dad sat down and talked about how to relieve myself of anger, and the thing I decided on was going for …

I Am Angry A Lot For No Reason And I'm Only 14 Years Old Not rated yet
My name is Amanda and I'm 14 years old. I find myself getting mad at the stupidest things. I yell at my dad if he says the simplest things and it just …

Living With An Explosively Angry Parent Not rated yet
Due to the economy, my husband and I were invited by my 60 yr old mother to come and live with her until we got on our feet. Since there was nowhere …

I'm A Teen Struggling With Bad Anger  Not rated yet
I'm Alyssa and I'm 16 years old. I often find myself struggling with my anger, I feel as if it is getting out of control. I have always noticed this …

I'm Fourteen Years Old And Lost In The Anger Not rated yet
Okay, I can't do this any more. I swear it's the same thing every day. I fight & fight with everyone in this house. I'm 14 years old. Yes, I know you …

I Feel Like I'm Two Different People Not rated yet
I know I have anger problems and I want to fix it but there are times where I just don't care. My parents have been on and off since I was seven. I use …

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Severe Anger Issues With Younger Brother Not rated yet
I am an 18 year old girl with an 11 year old brother. This 7 year age gap has always affected my relationship with my brother and has meant we are not …

Slap In The Face Not rated yet
My parents divorced when I was very young, about 5 or 6. I never really got angry about it though, I was sort of indifferent towards the situation. I am …

What's Wrong With Me? Not rated yet
Whats wrong with me? I am a 15 year old female. I get angry for no reason sometimes when someone just annoys me when they say something. I get in trouble …

I Thought I Would Never Do This Again Not rated yet
I have been dealing with anger and abuse in all of my intimate relationships since I was 19 years old. I have received counseling help throughout the …

Am I Sick Or What? Not rated yet
Dr. DeFoore: My family makes me feel like I have a sickness. Like whenever I get angry, it's because the schizophrenia from my grandma is kicking in. …

Family, School, Enemies And Essence Not rated yet
Well there's this girl named Essence that I can't stand. I know I have anger problems so I try to avoid her, or if she says something to me I count to …

Sibling Anger Not rated yet
I grew up as #4 of 6 children. My oldest 3 sisters were put in charge of taking care of the 3 little ones. They did the best they could, considering they …

Anger Bursts Not rated yet
I wouldn't say that I tend to get angry very easily but often times I find myself getting angry a lot more then I thought. For example with my girlfriend. …

Anger At Myself For Being So Stupid Not rated yet
I dated a man that I felt--and just knew--that he would be the one. He was married, told me he was divorced. I feel so betrayed and wonder how someone …

Uncontrollable Rage And Anger Not rated yet
Whenever I get angry, it becomes an all out war on my end to not do anything to rash or stupid. When I do become angry, which has become quite frequent, …

Ticking Time Bomb Not rated yet
Certain people make me very agitated. I don't get physical, but my insides feel like I'm going to boil over. A very ugly feeling comes over me and …

Frustrated Not rated yet
Currently, I am technically working 3 jobs. I have a full time job, I teach part time and I am starting a business. The full time job has some projects …

Body Awareness Meditation Not rated yet
One of the best ways I have found to manage my anger is to practice body-awareness meditation. This practice works for me because it distracts me from …

My Anger Solution: Hard Work! Not rated yet
I have struggled with out of control anger for years, beginning when I was a teenager. While much of my teenage anger could be attributed to "teen angst", …

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