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Here's an anger test with a list of questions that will help you decide if you need anger management help.

A lot of people have anger issues and don't think they do,anger test keyboard and a few think they do and actually don't have any serious anger problems.

And don't worry, this is a do-it-yourself test, and you get to decide what action you take when you're done. You won't get a hard sell on some product "you have to have," although several products and services will be recommended--you get to pick.

Remember, you've got the good heart and courage it takes to reach your anger management goals. Take the test now.


"Dr. DeFoore is truly a master within his profession. He is capable of moving mountains with his unique brand of uncommon common sense. If you are passionate about making progress, Bill will work with you to make your dreams come true."

- David Roberts, D.D.S.




"Dr. DeFoore is truly a master within his profession. He is capable of moving mountains with his unique brand of uncommon common sense. If you are passionate about making progress, Bill will work with you to make your dreams come true."

- David Roberts, D.D.S.



What Are The Questions On This Anger Test?

This anger test will give you an idea of how bad (or how mild) your anger is. Here is a list of the questions you will answer:

  1. Are you someone who "never gets angry?"
  2. Do other people think you're angry?
  3. Are you critical of other people in your mind and thoughts?
  4. Do you criticize and/or use insults when you speak to others?
  5. Do you frequently lose patience with people or situations?
  6. Do you have a hard time putting yourself in another person's shoes during a disagreement?
  7. Do you sometimes yell or raise your voice to get your point across?
  8. Do you find yourself frequently in arguments?
  9. Do you think about acts of aggression or violence?
  10. Have you ever been physically aggressive or violent with another person?
  11. Have you ever been arrested or had the police called because of your actions?
  12. Have you ever been reported for domestic violence?
  13. Do you take out your frustrations while driving?
  14. Do you find yourself unable to let go of grievances and resentments?
  15. Do you replay negative experiences over and over in your mind?
  16. Do you often think that other people are a bunch of idiots?
  17. Does it seem to you like other people "just don't get it?"
  18. Do you think about getting revenge on others?
  19. Do you sometimes forget what you said or did while you're angry?
  20. Do you find yourself getting angry in any kind of regular, predictable or cyclical pattern?

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

You will get more detailed information when you take the online anger test above, but here's an idea of the different results you will get:

  • Severe--indicating the most extreme level of anger, with the potential for an extremely dangerous situation. If the anger test results put you at this level, you need to take immediate action to prevent things from getting worse. You need to make sure you're dealing with any low self esteem issues here, as well. At the very least, learn anger management techniques and practice them regularly.

  • anger test results
  • Serious--while not the most extreme level, this type of anger problem can be very destructive to your health and your relationships. You may be someone who is considered to have a bad temper. I encourage you take immediate action to keep things from getting worse.

  • Moderate--when the anger test rates you at this level, you're in the perfect position to take preventive action so that your problem does not escalate. You probably have some positive things going for you at this level, and I encourage you to take steps to better manage your anger.

  • Mild--While you probably wouldn't take this anger test if your anger was totally healthy, this rating indicates your anger is not that severe. You be the judge, however. If you think your anger is a problem, then it definitely is. Check out these resources to decide what to do next.

What Actions Can I Take Right Now?

  • If nothing else, use these Anger Management Techniques right now--or, if you want to stop the anger once and for all, anger control is what you need.

  • A lot of people's anger comes out behind the wheel. Are you dealing with road rage--your own or others?
  • Take more psychology tests at Psychology Today's Psych Tests.
  • Maybe this anger test doesn't apply to you--because you're not the angry one! Learn how to deal with angry people for your own good and theirs.

Want a more extensive assessment of your anger? Take our advanced anger test, where you'll learn about escalation patterns and overall severity of your anger.

If your anger episodes seem to keep occurring over and over again, you might be experiencing anger addiction or another type of serious anger problem.

Where Can I Find More Pages Like This?

Anger Management Tests: Get an overview of anger management tests and what they have to offer you. There are two primary types of quizzes you can take, including the anger test on this page. These will help you understand not only where you stand with your anger, they will help you assess your escalation level and point you toward solutions.

Depression Test: Have you ever wondered if you might be depressed? Here's your chance to find out. Take the quick and easy-to-follow quiz, and you'll get an assessment and recommendations about how to feel better more of the time.

Nonverbal Communication: Communication is 93% nonverbal, according to communications research. Become aware of the nonverbal messages you are sending, and you will be much more successful in handling your own anger and the anger of others.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Another problem that often goes along with anger is anxiety. Find out if this applies to you or someone close to you, and how you can begin taking action right now to correct it...without medication, or in addition to the medication you may already be taking.

How To Deal With Insults: Whether you're dishing them out, or on the receiving end, you need to know how to deal with insults. Improve your relationships and self esteem by taking care of this in a powerful and healthy way.

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