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Gain Anger Control
With The Best Anger Management Techniques

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

True, lasting anger control is yours--you're halfway there just because you've landed on this page! The right Anger Management Techniques will give you the quick relief and lasting control you're looking for!

Controlling anger includes anger release, meaning expressing anger in a healthy way is an essential component to effective anger management. Most people think of anger management as just keeping it inside, or making it go away somehow. That just doesn't work!

Successful control of your anger means:

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  • Understanding anger and where it comes from.
  • Identifying the difference between healthy and unhealthy expression of anger.
  • Finding out the unresolved issues and childhood issues behind anger management problems.
  • Learning the skills for healing the pain and trauma underlying anger.
  • Mastering the methods and techniques for releasing and expressing anger in everyday life and significant relationships.

This is no small task...but you can do it! You've got what it takes to heal your anger and learn to manage it effectively on a daily basis. Everybody needs tools.

Here is our most powerful tool, an audio CD/download program available also in Ebook form, which you can get right now with our no-risk full guarantee. 

Anger Management Techniques Program

Take advantage of this excellent offer and become your own best anger management resource! 

With a no-risk money-back guarantee, you can order this best-selling CD program to receive in the mail, download it for immediate listening, or if you would rather read, download the E-book which has even more information than the audio program! Check it out below:

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Healthy Ways to Control and Express Anger

It's time to get it done! And you've got what it takes to do the job. You can manage your anger and the skills you need are right here at your fingertips.

Get to the heart of anger management here, and with practice you will master the skills to make your life and relationships work better. You can do this!

Preview or Buy Now

Available in Ebook and Audiobook format

Don't miss this great opportunity!
 There are lots of anger management CDs out there, but before you move on, take a look at the incredible amount of information available on this single anger management CD/download!

Quick Relief & Lasting Anger Control

If you want anger control, then you are most likely looking for two things:

  • Quick Relief--You want something now! Well, you will get that quick anger control with the anger management strategies you will find in this program. The techniques you will learn can be used any time, anywhere!
  • Lasting Control--Obviously, you want the anger control to last! You don't want to end up in the same miserable mess over and over again. So, some of the anger management techniques you will get in this highly effective program get to the heart of the matter to create anger control that will last!

Still not sure? Well, consider this--you have nothing to lose! That's right, we offer a full, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. So, just give it a try. 

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Your family and friends will thank you. And 
you will be glad for your investment of time, money and energy to learn this approach to anger management.

Contents Of The Audio Program

Here is a list of tracks from this informative and helpful program:

Tracks-Part 1

1. What Kind of Anger Do You Have?
2. Reasons for Being Angry
3. How Anger Works
4. How Your Anger Became a Problem
5. Assessing Your Anger Level
6. Skills for Lowering Your Anger Level

Tracks-Part 2

7. Imagery Techniques
8. Physical & Vocal Anger Release
9. Healing Your Inner Child
10. Healthy Anger
11. The Spiritual Warrior
12. Communication Skills

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