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Anger Management Tips
Some Ideas About Anger That Might Surprise You

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

Your anger management tips: A lot of people are confused about anger management! Is it a movie? A TV show? A rock concert? Self-help for folks with anger problems?

Yes! It is all of the above--but on this site you're going to learn the anger management tips you need to get some help with your anger or the anger of a family member, coworker or friend.

You're going to be more informed, and ideally you'll be more hopeful and confident about your ability to overcome your anger problems, whatever they might be.

One of the biggest areas of confusion is what to do about anger. Here are some different anger managment strategies below that you might recognize.

Strategies That Don't Work--And One That Does!

  • Bury it! This just doesn't work. This is one that may sound familiar: "Stifle it, stuff it, sit on it, pretend it's not there." When you stuff your anger, you're either building up to your next explosion, or you're going to make yourself sick. Stuffing anger can also lead to signs of depression.
  • Vent it! This is another bad strategy. But it is a familiar approach. How often have you heard: "I just need to vent!." The problem here is that you usually vent where you feel safest--in your home or with loved ones. So, if that's where you get your uncontrolled anger out, guess what? Your family gets hurt, which hurts you too! It's really not smart to save your worst for those you love the most. The thing about an anger management strategy is that it needs to work, for you and those around you.
  • Transform your anger into courage! This is the approach you will learn here. Put courage into your anger and your anger into your courage! My approach to anger management will help you to create healthy anger and protect your loved ones from the sharper edges of unhealthy anger. And I will encourage you with the right kind of anger management activity all along the way. You are your own best anger management resource!

Some Basic Anger Management Tips

These are some things you need to know if you're going to get anywhere with anger management. Read on, and you might feel surprised and a little relieved.

  • Your anger is a healthy emotion. There is even an upside to anger!
  • You are a good person with a good heart.
  • Your anger comes from your heart (the "cour" part of "courage" means "heart").
  • You have good reasons for your anger, you just need some effective anger management tips to help you deal with it in healthy ways.
  • You have felt threatened or opposed in some way, and your anger is a natural emotional response to that.

One of the ways you can help yourself with your anger is to believe in yourself. That's why we're trying to encourage you here.

  • There's nothing wrong with feeling angry--the important thing is what you do because of your anger! That's where your anger management strategies come in.
  • Anger is not smart--meaning, when you're angry, your thinking isn't all that great. So, don't let your anger do your thinking for you. Unhealthy anger expression can cause emotional abuse.
  • Anger is one of the classic ptsd symptoms for people suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.
  • The worst behavior comes from being angry and feeling helpless and powerless. You are not helpless! Knowing which anger management remedies to use creates a window of opportunity that will take you right out of the feelings of helplessness.
  • Basic stress management can do a lot toward preventing the need for anger management and dealing with depression.

You might be thinking these anger management tips are all over the place. Well, you're right. Anger is a natural human emotion, and it affects huge portions of our lives, whether we realize it or not.

  • The key point of these anger management tips is to take effective action when you're angry!
  • You never learned how to express your anger in healthy ways--(as a matter of fact, I never met anybody who did!)
  • Therefore you express it in unhealthy ways, hurting yourself and others. You may be experiencing anger or rage addiction, or need help overcoming jealousy.
  • One of the symptoms of attention deficit disorders is anger, as you probably know. Learn about treatment for ADD now.

I'm glad you're here! Because now...

  • I can offer you lots of anger management tips to help you understand and feel good about yourself, which is essential to healthy anger management!
  • I can help you remember your good heart, where your anger came from in the first place. These eight simple anger management tips will help.
  • I can teach you to express your anger in ways that really work, for you and everybody else. It will also help you and everybody else if you learn to forgive.
  • Dealing with your anger issues is actually one of the treatments for depression which, as you know is a problem for a lot of people.
  • And, when you start to feel better about yourself, you will have the good heart and courage to create healthy, lasting relationships.

Did you know...that your self esteem is a key part of your anger management tips? Learn how to raise your self esteem now and start a waterfall of good things flowing into your life.

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