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Anger Management Resource - helpful worksheets, books, CDs and counseling for all ages.

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    Nov 20, 17 05:15 PM

    Find the anger management class that is right for you, whether it's court-ordered or just needed, these online classes have what you need.

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  2. The Angry Girl & How To Help

    Nov 19, 17 05:55 PM

    The angry girl can be a big problem, for herself and everyone around her. This is where you can understand where the angry girl is coming from and how to help her, even if it's you that's angry.

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  3. How To Manage Anger: Your Stories and Ideas

    Nov 19, 17 04:54 PM

    Learn how to manage anger from other good folks like you who have been down the road and back, and share your own ideas too.

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