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Anger Management Programs

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

Find out which of these anger management programs is best suited for your personal and individual needs. We have three different certificate programs for you to choose from, which you will find listed below.

Are you ready to learn about anger programs that really work? Great--here are three of them, each suited to your needs, according to what you're looking for. When you call to schedule, we will begin designing your program for you.

anger management program certificate

This is an excellent way to heal from child abuse or adult trauma of any kind. Consider it a gift to yourself.

All of these anger management courses are completely private and confidential. While one on one sessions usually are not considered "classes," this is what I offer to make sure you get what you're looking for. 

You will meet individually with me, Dr. William DeFoore, in person or by telephone for each program. There are no groups included in any of these programs. 

Three Anger Management Programs 

1. Basic Anger Management Programs: 
This option is for people with mild anger management issues. If you're doing well overall, but have some anger that pops up in certain situations, then this might be all you need. If you're not sure about this, then take the Anger Management Assessment and that will help you decide.

Here's what you will get:

  • Three 50 minute sessions over a three week period. Sessions are in person or by telephone--all sessions are conducted by Dr. DeFoore.
  • You will also receive an Anger Management book and CD at no additional charge.
  • Homework assignments between sessions will help you reach all of your goals more quickly!
  • You will get a signed Certificate of Completion at the end of this program.

2. Intermediate Anger Management Programs: 
This is the choice for you if you are having serious anger issues. Take the Anger Management Assessment to know the level of your anger issues for sure.

This anger management program consists of:

  • Six 50 minute sessions over six week period (sessions are in person or by telephone--all sessions are conducted by Dr. DeFoore)
  • Two Anger Management books, a single CD and a four CD program.
  • Helpful homework assignments between sessions to maximize your benefit.
  • A signed Certificate of Completion will be yours when you finish this program.

3. Advanced Anger Management Programs:
This advanced program, entitled "Transforming Anger" is for you if you have more deep-seated issues, and/or if you have uncontrolled anger, or "extreme anger issues" as defined in the Anger Management Assessment on this site. These are also the anger management classes for you if you're involved in abusive relationships.

Here's what you will receive in this program:

  • An intensive three day, 12 session program conducted on site in Denton. All sessions are led by Dr. DeFoore. Contact us using the form below for more detailed information about this program.
  • Included with this program are two Anger Management books, two single CDs, and a four CD program.
  • Homework assignments between sessions help to facilitate your progress and build your skills so that you get lasting results!
  • Your signed Certificate of Completion will be available at the conclusion of this anger management program.

Discover the  value and resources of anger management programs online.

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