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About Dr. William DeFoore
Over 40 Years Of Professional Experience

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

William DeFoore, Ph.D. 
is the author of this web site and numerous other publications. He is a licensed counselor, coach, consultant and owner of Halcyon Life Enterprises, LLP. 

As a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas, Dr. William DeFoore has a B.A. in Sociology from Baylor University, and received his M.A. in Clinical Psychology and a Ph.D. in Counselor Education at University of North Texas. He has been in professional practice as a counselor since 1973

His work focuses on the strength and value that each person brings, using a Positive Psychology approach to healing  and problem solving. He is well versed and highly experienced in a variety of cognitive-behavioral and experiential approaches to mental and emotional healing.

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Dr. William DeFoore incorporates optimism, a spiritual focus and a genuine caring for people into the fabric of his work. Among his many professional roles, he served as an adjunct faculty member of the Cooper Healthy Living Program at the Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas for over 20 years, where he taught classes on Emotional Fitness, Anger & Depression, Goodfinding and other topics. 

He has worked with people from all walks of life, from federal prisoners to high level corporate executives. He is compassionate and understanding with each person, and you will find those same qualities throughout this web site.

A Note From Dr. William DeFoore

"Hello, and thanks for stopping in to see what is offered on this web site!

I believe that life can be very good, and I would like to help you get to a level of joy and peace within yourself so that you can create a good life for yourself and your loved ones.

Healing and managing your anger is a first step to that good life you want, and you have come to the right place to make the important and necessary steps.

I've been at this a long time, and I'm still doing it because it matters...and you matter. Everything you read on this site comes straight from my 40+ years of professional experience in helping people just like you and your loved ones.

You can see a copy of my full curriculum vitae below, giving you a full overview of my credentials and professional background. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I'd love to hear from you!"

Dr. William DeFoore

Testimonials Regarding Dr. DeFoore And His Work

"As an adjunct professor of the Cooper Wellness Program, Dr. William De Foore has brought wisdom and insight to thousands of men and women. His engaging style lowers defenses and allows him to fearlessly direct thinking to an intimate personal level where few of us ever go. For fifteen years we have valued him as a speaker, therapist, author, and colleague. Bill is an outstanding person and an asset to any team." Connie Tyne, LMSW, Executive Director, Cooper Wellness Program, Dallas

"On and off for over the past ten years I have been blessed to be counseled by Dr. William DeFoore both individually and with my primary relationship. I find him to be a gentle, yet direct, spiritually oriented, flexible, and loving psychologist and coach. It has been a sweet and powerful journey with Dr. William DeFoore, and one I deeply treasure." Chris Lucerne, Master Certified Coach

"William DeFoore's great respect for the uniqueness of each person, his passion and sensitivity -- all framed within professionalism -- are powerful qualities that enable people to overcome typical defense mechanisms and truly awaken to life. I recommend his work to any individual or corporation seeking healing at every level." Barbara Powers, Chairman of BPR Health International

Curriculum Vitae of Dr. William DeFoore

Owner, Halcyon Life Enterprises, LLP 
525 South Carroll Blvd, Suite 200 Denton, TX 76201 
Telephone: 214-764-7930 
Ph.D. in Counseling Education, University of North Texas, 1983 
M.A. in Clinical Psychology, University of North Texas, 1973 
B.A. in Sociology, Baylor University, 1971

Licensed Professional Counselor #3317, State of Texas 1981-present 
-Private Practice in counseling/psychotherapy, 1973-present.
-President/Owner of the William G. DeFoore, Ph.D. Personal & Professional Development, 1986-2017. 
-Owner of Halcyon Life Enterprises, LLP, 1986-present. 
-Adjunct Faculty Member of the Cooper Wellness Program at the Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas, 1992-2016. 
-Commentator on LIME Radio “Lime Spectrums,” commentaries on body, mind, spirit, earth, 1999-2007. (formerly
-Columnist for Column entitled "Truly Speaking." 2000-2004. 
-Licensed Instructor for Rapid Change Technologies, an organizational development firm in Minneapolis, 1994-1997. 
-Certified to administer and interpret the EQ Map, an emotional intelligence assessment tool developed by Essi Systems in San Francisco, California, 1998-present. 
-Consultant/trainer with parents and teachers of a Montessori School in Monterrey, Mexico, 1994-1995. 
-Licensed Child Care Administrator of residential treatment center for emotionally disturbed adolescents and young adults, 1980-1986. 
-Adjunct Faculty Member with Dallas County Community College District, 1974-1977. 
-Consulting/Executive Coaching 1980-present.
-Working with middle and senior management in organizations integrating personal growth and professional development processes to maximize leadership effectiveness and business success 1988-present. 
-Instructing three-day culture change courses on average of two per month for over two years in fortune 50 companies. Included training at all levels, with a coaching and team building program built in for senior executives 1994-1997. 
-Professional training programs, emotional wellness seminars and anger management workshops presented to management groups in various businesses and organizations (see list below). 1990-present. 

-Speaker/Facilitator 1973- present: working with schools, corporations, community service organizations and the general public on topics of emotional intelligence, effective communication, conflict resolution, anger management, healthy emotional expression, and grief/loss issues. Speaking at international conferences on business, consciousness and spirituality on topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Employee Loyalty and Gold In The Shadow Of Business. 
-Cooper Aerobics Center, Dallas 1992-2016: Teaching classes twice a month as faculty with Cooper Wellness Program on Emotional Wellness, Emotional Fitness, Body/Mind Health and Healing Anger and Depression.
-Mountainview Community College , Duncanville, Texas 1974-1976: Teaching psychology and counseling on campus and off campus at Seagoville Federal Correctional Institute to federal inmates. 
-Navajo Community College , Summer, 1974: Teaching psychology and counseling to Native American students on the Navajo reservation. 

-National Wellness Institute 
-American Counseling Association
-Renaissance Business Associates 
-Association for Specialists in Group Work

-Serai: Bringing The Children Home, WingSpan Press, 2007.
-Anger Among Angels: Shedding Light on the Darkness of the Human Soul , Health Communications, Inc., 2000. 
-Anger: Deal With It, Heal With It, Stop It From Killing You , Health Communications, Inc., Revised Edition, 2004. 
-The New Bottom Line: Bringing Heart and Soul To Business , co-editor and contributing author, New Leaders Press, 1996. 
-Rediscovering the Soul in Business: A Renaissance of Values , co-editor and contributing author, New Leaders Press, 1995. 


Goodfinding: Optimizing Your Aptitude For Health And Happiness
Anger Management Techniques: Healthy Ways To Control And Express Anger
Healthy Anger And Your Health: Using Healthy Emotions To Heal Your Body
Nurturing Your Inner Child: Affirmations & Visualizations For Self Love & Healing
Your New Inner Child: Release Yourself Into Love, Joy & Creativity
Elegant Aging: Growing Deeper, Stronger, Wiser
Meditation, Emotion And Healing: Connecting With The Source Of Well Being Within You
Sacred Sexuality: Mastering The Art & Craft Of Making Love
Sacred Roles In Marriage : Keys To Creating Fantastic Relationships
Expectations In Marriage: Healthy Ways To Deal With Disappointment And Anger In Loving Relationships Adolescent Rites Of Passage: Honoring The Transitions From Childhood To Adulthood
Anger In Teens: Understanding And Helping Adolescents With Anger Management
Helping Your Children With Their Anger: A Guide For Parents Of Children And Adolescents
Love, Anger And Forgiveness: Creating Joy And Healing In All Of Your Relationships
Healing Anger And Depression: Removing Barriers To Health And Happiness
Anger: Deal With It Before It Deals With You
Financial Health, Emotional Wealth: Mastering The Economics Of Emotion & Financial Wellness


Reddy Ice, Inc.
Laser Comm, Inc.
CRC Health Group
Northern Telecom
Southwestern Bell 
Texas Instruments 
Anderson Consulting, Inc. 
International Paper Company 
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation 
Cooper Aerobics Center, Dallas 
Grupo Cydsa, Monterrey, Mexico 
Interim Career Consulting, Dallas 
Holiday Corporation, Memphis, TN
Wisdom Media Group, Bluefield, WV
HomeVestors of America, Inc., Dallas
Materias Primas de Monterrey, Mexico
Centro Proctividad de Monterrey, Mexico 
Hartford Mortgage Services, Inc., Plano, TX 
Share Plus Federal Credit Union, Plano, TX 
PrimeCo Personal Communications, Dallas 
Corporate Tax Management, Inc., Fort Worth
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Lenox, MA
Advance Global Communications, Monterrey, Mexico
Association of School Business Officials International
Community Education and Health Care:
Gilda's Club, Dallas
Richland College, Dallas 
Northlake College, Dallas 
Houston Public Television
University of North Texas
Dedman Hospital of Dallas
Bedford Meadows Hospital 
Charter Hospital of Grapevine 
Catholic Renewal Center of Fort Worth 
Seagoville Federal Correctional Institution 
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Denton 
Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, Dallas
Association of School Business Officials International
Colegio Sierra Madre de Montessori of Monterey, Mexico 
Unity Churches of Dallas, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Houston & Richmond, VA


-Searching for the Soul in Business, (keynote) Dallas, Renaissance Business Associates 
-Rediscovering the Soul in Business, Boise, Renaissance Business Associates 
-International Conference on Business and Spirituality, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, The Message Company 
-Second Annual Fall Conference: Transforming the Organizational Shadow, (keynote) Spring Valley, New York, High Tor Alliance 
-International Symposium on Spirituality and Business, Boston, Babson College 
-The Second Annual Conference for Spirituality in the Workplace, Toronto, Center for Spirituality at Work 
-The Many Faces of Anger: A Clinical Skills Conference Las Vegas and Nashville, US Journal Training, Inc. 
-Second Annual Conference on Anger and Rage , Las Vegas, US Journal Training, Inc. 
-Fourth Annual Conference on Anger, Rage, Trauma and Addiction: The Connection , (keynote) Atlantic City, US Journal Training, Inc. 
-National Wellness Conference Stevens Point Wisconsin. Sponsored by the National Wellness Institute. 
-Association of School Business Officials, International Leadership Conference (keynote) Boston, Massachusetts. 
-National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, annual conference, Hilton Head, SC.
-Conference on Adolescence, US Journal Training, Inc. Las Vegas.
-First World Congress SER, "Spirituality, Knowledge and Integral Health." Monterrey, Mexico.
-Houston PBS sponsored Living Smart Conference, keynote address on "Sacred Sexuality." Houston, Texas. 

Disclaimer: Although Dr. William DeFoore is a Licensed Professional Counselor, the information, products and resources provided on this site are informational only, and not intended to serve as counseling or replacement for medical or psychological treatment.

Disclosure: William DeFoore, Ph.D. is an affiliate partner with SiteSell, Inc. and the Institute of HeartMath. He is also an Amazon Associate, which means that he receives commission on any sales made from Amazon when linked from this web site.

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