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About William DeFoore
And The Creation Of This Site

William DeFoore, Ph.D. 
is an author, counselor, coach, consultant and owner of Halcyon Life Enterprises, LLP. 

He honors the self healing power of each person, and he facilitates this healing with a variety of therapeutic approaches.

He uses a positive approach, while getting straight to the heart of the matter, in all of his professional work and writing.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Dr. William DeFoore has a B.A. in Sociology, an M.A. in Clinical Psychology and a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and over 40 years of professional experience.

Learn how Dr. William DeFoore built this web business

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Hi! I'm Dr. William DeFoore, and I like to incorporate humor, optimism, spiritual focus and a genuine caring for people into the fabric of my work. I served as an adjunct faculty member of the Cooper Healthy Living Program at the Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas for over 20 years, where I taught classes on Emotional Fitness, Anger & Depression, Goodfinding and other topics.

I believe that life can be very good, and I would like to help you get to a level of joy and peace within yourself so that you can create a good life for you and your loved ones. Healing and managing your anger is a first step to that, and you have come to the right place to make that important step.

You can see a copy of my full resume here, as well as a corporate client list and a list of speaking engagements.

How I Built My Internet Business

I started building my Internet business about 8 years ago. Once I got my web site up and running, and my product pages in place, I was ready to learn about Internet marketing--how to get traffic and sales. I was surprised and frustrated to find that the Internet marketing information and software was scattered all over the place in disconnected pieces.

Lots of people had answers and help with building traffic, others offered help with Search Engine Optimization, and quite a few had "secrets" on how to make your site successful. After 6 years, I found that I had "hit a ceiling" in my growth and sales, and was getting a little frustrated.

Then, at last! I found, and its Internet business building program entitled, SoloBuildIt!

Enjoy this video overview so you'll see what I'm talking about

Finally, a self-contained, all inclusive user-friendly package of services that vitually guarantees success--if you're willing to do the work. That's right--this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. But! It is a system that will get you where you want to go with your Internet business, when you provide the "BAM," that is, the "brains and motivation."

Results? Yep, I got results. I have better traffic in 6 months with SoloBuildIt! than in 6 years with my combination of the variety of services and packages I was able to put together from the variety of sources out there.

If you like what you see on my site, and would like to start your own Internet business please consider checking out this video, which describes the Site Build It! program, which is the best opportunity out there for helping you achieve financial independence and express your own personal passions. Get the proof of success you're looking for.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact meI love to talk about SBI!

This Internet business is part of my retirement plan, and it is working! Traffic and income is growing and you can do it too! 

Now back to me, William DeFoore. Here are some testimonials from some of the good folks I've known and worked with. 

Testimonials Regarding Dr. DeFoore And His Work

"As an adjunct professor of the Cooper Wellness Program, Dr. William De Foore has brought wisdom and insight to thousands of men and women. His engaging style lowers defenses and allows him to fearlessly direct thinking to an intimate personal level where few of us ever go. For fifteen years we have valued him as a speaker, therapist, author, and colleague. Bill is an outstanding person and an asset to any team." Connie Tyne, LMSW, Executive Director, Cooper Wellness Program, Dallas

"On and off for over the past ten years I have been blessed to be counseled by Dr. William DeFoore both individually and with my primary relationship. I find him to be a gentle, yet direct, spiritually oriented, flexible, and loving psychologist and coach. It has been a sweet and powerful journey with Dr. William DeFoore, and one I deeply treasure." Chris Lucerne, Master Certified Coach

"William DeFoore's great respect for the uniqueness of each person, his passion and sensitivity -- all framed within professionalism -- are powerful qualities that enable people to overcome typical defense mechanisms and truly awaken to life. I recommend his work to any individual or corporation seeking healing at every level." Barbara Powers, Chairman of BPR Health International

Disclaimer: Although Dr. DeFoore is a Licensed Professional Counselor, the information, products and resources provided on this site are informational only, and not intended to serve as counseling or replacement for medical or psychological treatment.

Disclosure: William DeFoore, Ph.D. is an affiliate partner with SiteSell, Inc., Think Right Now International, Inc. and the Institute of HeartMath. 

Other Articles By Dr. William DeFoore

Stress Management Techniques: Learn how the practical skills of stress management can help to prevent anger problems of all kind. Anger is a part of stress, and stress is a part of anger. But the stress comes first--so you when you manage your stress, you automatically prevent the anger problems.

Signs Of Depression: Learn to identify the signs of depression and exactly what you can do about it on your own, without medication. Low levels of periodic depression are normal, and you can acquire the skills for correcting this problem right here.

Anger Addiction: When anger problems become extreme, you can actually get addicted to anger. There is a rush, or a high that comes from the adrenaline that is release in intense anger, and this actually feels good and powerful--but it is destructive, and the combination of the power and the destruction creates the addiction. 

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