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The Best
Stress Management Techniques Tool Available

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

The best way I can tell you about the EmWave stress management techniques tool is to give you my personal story. (Please note: we are an affiliate for HeartMath, the creator of this product, and we receive commissions on all sales made from this site.)

Some friends gave me one of these very cool devices for my 60th birthday. I was really excited to receive it, because I was familiar with the Institute of HeartMath and I knew it would be excellent because they created it.

But--I didn't think I needed it! I'm a pretty relaxed guy, and have practiced meditation for many years. I regularly teach classes and write on the topic of stress management and stress management strategies. My health is good and always has been, so I naturally assumed that my stress level was low on a consistent basis.

I was wrong! When I first started using the EmWave, I was amazed to find that I had to really concentrate to lower my stress on Challenge Level 1, and had very little success with Challenge Level 2--and there are 4 Challenge Levels! My learning started immediately.

What was I learning? Important stuff, like:

stress management techniques
  • How to bring my heart rate and breathing into coherence, or alignment.
  • How my thoughts immediately affect my heart rate and stress level (part of the training is to keep your thoughts focused on things that feel good).
  • Subtle but significant changes in my feelings that really matter, and affect my breathing.
  • Awareness of my breath, and how I actually stop breathing when I think about stressful things.
  • How the bio-feedback from the EmWave stress management tool gently guides me to a deeper and deeper level of relaxation and well being that lasts after I turn the device off and go about my day!

What Are The Benefits Of Stress Management Techniques?

The benefits are huge! Here they are:

  • Better breathing, which provides more oxygen to the brain and makes you smarter
  • Moves you out of the reptilian brain into higher brain function, increasing your emotional intelligence
  • More heart awareness--of all the stress management strategies out there, this one helps you focus on your heart. This makes you more loving, compassionate and open-minded.
  • A better attitude--the practice of focusing on thoughts that feel good and bring positive emotion is good mental training, and I find my thoughts becoming more positive the more I use the EmWave--the best of all stress management techniques!
  • Better sleep--this one is big. I have had some minor sleep issues, but I know a lot of other people suffer tremendously with this issue.
  • Awareness of how my stress level rises and falls in different situations, and with different thought processes. Sometimes I use the EmWave while doing other things, and I hear the little bells going off, telling me that my stress is going down. Then I look at what I was thinking, feeling or doing that brought about the change. It is very informative!

Check out this video featuring the CEO of HeartMath, talking about stress, how it can be good or bad, and how your heart is the most powerful organ in your body--60 times more powerful than your brain as a stress management technique!

Use The EmWave For Meditation, Prayer & Self-help

There are many uses for the EmWave, including help with meditation, relaxation, prayer and general self-help. These stress management techniques known generally as self-improvement and spiritual practice are highly beneficial to stress management, anger management and overall well being. Benefits of a spiritual practice include:

  • Connection and alignment with your true, authentic nature, which is good and strong and healthy
  • When you connect with your good heart with stress management techniques such as meditation, relaxation and prayer, you will automatically become more compassionate and kind to the people around you.
  • These types of practices are good for your breathing, circulation and digestion, meaning they are good for your overall physical health.
  • You will naturally and automatically become happier as you engage in a regular and consistent spiritual practice and other stress management strategies.

Please keep in mind that we receive commissions on all sales of the HeartMath products made through this site.

The benefits of self-help are tremendous!
 Think about it...if you don't help yourself, who is going to? If you really neglect yourself, somebody else might have to take care of you. Worst case is hospital staff, police or prison guards. Not pleasant. So! Self-help is a great thing, and there are a tremendous array of skills you can attain. When you help and care for yourself, you are:

  • More independent and self-reliant
  • More responsible, and less likely to see yourself as a victim to other people or circumstances
  • Happier, because you're not waiting for someone (Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy or the Prince Charming) to come along and "make everything okay."
  • In the driver's seat. You are in charge of your life, with all of the freedom and responsibility that goes with that. In other words, your stress management techniques are yours to use any time you need them!

Of all the stress management techniques I could suggest to you, the best would be to develop a spiritual practice and dive deeply into the realm of self help and self improvement.

We receive commissions on Amazon sales on this website.

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