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Anger Management Information
How To Sort It Out And Get The Help You Need

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

Anger management information can be confusing, with all of the worksheets, tests and opinions. I'll try to simplify things for you with a clear, three-part overview of the different ways you can get help.

This will also help you organize your thoughts and plans as you go forward in addressing your anger issues.

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Your Three Anger Management Resources

  1. Written Information will help you understand yourself and why you get angry. You will get an assessment so you can test your anger level to know where you stand and what you need to do.
  2. Services provide classes, online courses, counseling sessions (telephone or in person) and Intensive Programs.
  3. Products will give you lots of books, Ebooks, CDs and audio download programs to enjoy at home or away.

You will find all of the help you need in these three categories.

This site is here for you and your family, so I hope you find exactly what you're looking for.

What Kinds Of Information Do You Need?

  • What is anger, anyway? It's not aggression or violence. Aggression and violence are actions. Anger is an emotion. Anger is not bad--it's the unhealthy expression of anger that's the problem. Sometimes all that is needed is the right kind of activity to provide healthy anger release and resolution.
  • Here's a good definition of angerAnger is an emotion you have when you feel threatened or opposed, or when someone you care about is threatened or opposed. In other words, anger is a protective emotion, and you need this protection to take care of yourself and your loved ones.
  • Why is anger such a problem for so many people? Here's your answer! It's simply because most people don't understand it or know what to do with it. That's why there is so much uncontrolled anger and not so much healthy anger.
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  • Why is it so hard to manage anger?
    • Because it is such a powerful emotion. It's supposed to be powerful, for your protection, remember? Like zebras and donkeys, we're protective.
    • Because nobody gave you the information you needed as a child, so you never learned how to manage anger in healthy ways.
    • Because you probably didn't have good role models to teach you any anger control techniques and ways of dealing with stress that really work.
    • Because anger (and all emotions) operate on a sub-conscious levelmeaning it is hard to control them consciously.
    • Because it is hard to forgive. Read these quotes on forgiveness.

Other important information includes:

  • How to test your anger level and develop a plan for change.
  • How to heal old emotional wounds that can cause anger problems.
  • How to deal with abusive relationships, put a stop to verbal abuse, and deal with angry people.
  • How to use the upside of anger so that it works for you instead of against you.
  • How to release, express and use your anger in healthy ways.

Now let's look at some special concerns:

  • How to deal more effectively with the anger of others. You can get all of this information from the services and products listed below.
  • How to heal Adult Attention Deficit Disorder without medication.
  • Know the signs of depression and how anger can be part of the cause or cure, or even lead to passive aggressive behavior or passive aggressive personality disorder.
  • What is Intermittent Explosive Disorder and what can I do about it?
  • Great collections of quotes on anger, forgiveness, letting go and relationships.

What About Anger Management Services?


  • You may want to find an anger class locally--near where you live so that you can attend in person. Contact your local police department for information.
  • There are online anger classes that you can take on your computer, in the comfort of your home. Choose from 8, 12, 16 or 26 hour classes, which are approved for court-ordered requirements. (Please note: we are an affiliate for this course provider, and we receive commissions on all sales made from this site.) 
  • You get certificates when you finish these classes. Some of you may need certification for your employer or for a legal situation.
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  • In person sessions--you can have regular weekly face-to-face counseling sessions, 50 minutes in length. Of course you have to live close by the counselor for this to work for you.
  • Telephone sessions--these are the same as in person sessions, except that they happen on the phone. You can have these sessions at home, at work, or even when you're out of town on business. I've had telephone sessions with clients from all over the world.
  • Video phone sessions--these are the same as phone sessions, except that you and the counselor can see the counselor can see each other on your computer screens.

Anger Management Programs

  • Basic Program
  • Intermediate Program
  • Advanced Program

You will also receive certificates when you complete these programs, and they also include free books and CDs as part of the package, to provide you with all of the anger management information you need. Learn more about these programs.

What Are The Products You Offer?


  • Regular books that you can order or get at the bookstore
  • Ebooks--these are books loaded with anger management information that you can download and read on your computer, or print out on your own paper and read anytime anywhere.

CDs--these are just like your music CDs, but instead of music you'll hear what you need to know about anger management and other important topics.

Audio MP3 programs--this is the same information that is on the CDs, but you can download it onto:

  • Your computer
  • Your Ipod
  • Your Iphone
  • Your tablet

So, there you go! Anger management information, services and products: everything you need to know about anger management is right here. You have what it takes to deal with this problem!

Visit our online store to see all of our products in one place.

By the way, Relaxation to Deal with Anger is a guided relaxation script that describes how to deal with anger quickly and effectively in the moment. It guides you in controlling anger and managing anger when it arises.

For general and far-reaching help with all aspects of self-improvement, go to:

You don't have to live with the conflict, turmoil, frustration, fear and confusion of anger problems for the rest of your life. Take charge of your anger and your life and learn how you can become your own best anger management resource.

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