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Adult Attention Deficit Disorder
How Emotional Healing Can Help You

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder has a lot of information right there in its name. Attention deficit means not enough attention, like 
when your mind wanders or you jump from one thought to another all of the time. 

adult attention deficit disorder

It means it's hard to focus, hard to concentrate, and therefore hard to get anything done. This is not a permanent condition. You can learn to manage and control your attention.

On this site, we're going to take a unique approach to the problem and treatment of ADD. We're going to assume that you can learn to overcome these issues, with or without medication.

I'm going to encourage you to believe in yourself, and your ability to learn, grow and improve. 

What Does Emotion Have To Do With It?

Good question! The approach I'm taking here is that emotion has everything to do with adult add symptoms. The standard approach to diagnosis and treatment for add in adults focuses more on symptoms, and we're going to get to some of the underlying causes.

Here's the deal about emotions and adult attention deficit disorder:

  • Unresolved emotional trauma can cause scattered or racing thoughts, resulting in an inability to concentrate and focus.
  • Fear and anxiety resulting from unaddressed issues from your past can make it very difficult to stay task-oriented and complete what you started.
adult attention deficit disorder
  • Extreme anger and fear literally shut down higher brain functions, easily giving rise to adult add symptoms.
  • Emotions motivate thought and action--and it's your thoughts and actions that you're concerned about when you're dealing with add in adults.

So, if that makes sense to you, then maybe you'll be interested in these natural remedies for add--natural, that is, because they come from inside you and involve no chemicals or medication of any kind.

Treatments For Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

Okay, now let's get to the treatment part. Adult attention deficit disorder may be a big challenge for you to deal with, but I really encourage you to consider that you have a lot more ability to heal it than you may have thought.

Here are some things you can do right now that will help:

  • Get to know yourself. Write your life story, focusing on the best of times and the worst of times. This is only for you, by the way, unless you just want to share it with someone. Either way, don't worry about how it looks or sounds to others. Just tell your story--because you are your own best resource for healing.
  • Then, zero in on the most traumatic of your experiences. Research by Dr. James Pennebaker has shown that simply writing about traumatic events can lower stress and improve your health!
  • Once you have identified what your traumatic experiences are, it will help you to do some emotional healing work. This will bring about lasting emotional change--and it may even alter the biochemistry and neurological patterns causing adult attention deficit disorder.
  • One of the best things you can do to calm your emotions and focus your mind is to learn how to meditate (instead of medicate).

Contrary to popular belief, adult attention deficit disorder does not have to last the rest of your life. When you use the methods we're recommending here, and learn to regularly practice focusing your mind and calming your emotions, you will be able to bring an end to these troubling problems.

The bottom line to consider here is that you are smarter, healthier, and stronger than you may have ever realized. 

"When you meditate, you are moving deeper into the wisest and strongest part of yourself, which is where all healing comes from."

William DeFoore

The more you believe in yourself and keep a positive attitude, the harder you will work to heal and improve!

And meditation will definitely help you get there, by taking you deeper and closer to the very best of who you are.

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