The Upside Of Anger
Benefits Of Healthy Anger

upside of anger

What is the upside of anger? Nothing less than health and happiness!

With healthy anger, you also have all of the positive emotions such as love, joy, care and consideration, working hand in hand with the constructive power of safe anger.

When anger is healthy it does not operate alone--it works hand-in-heart with your good heart, your courage and your personal values.

The true value of healthy anger:

And that's not all! Healthy anger means a whole lot more personal power to solve problems, overcome commitment phobia, and create the life and relationships you desire.

How would you like to have more personal determination, self-motivation, energy, commitment, clarity, focus and enthusiasm?

Well...I guess we all want more of that, right? That is exactly what you get when you heal your anger and develop healthy anger.

Okay, sounds good...but how do you get there from here?

You're probably dealing with the "downside" more than the upside of anger.

How to get to the upside:

  • First, recognize that anger is a healthy and natural emotion that most people have not learned how to use in healthy ways.
  • Then, learn how to heal your unhealthy anger through useful anger management tools designed to give you quick relief and lasting control.
  • And finally, begin your journey of learning about the amazing positive aspects of anger by exploring what healthy anger really is and how to use it in healthy ways.

Benefits To The Upside Of Anger

Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to when you get to the upside of anger and become your own best anger management resource:

upside of anger

  • You will have greater levels of overall emotional wellness, which will lead to better overall health.
  • You will develop a powerful level of personal determination, which will help you to overcome shyness, passivity and commitment phobia.
  • You will be able to create healthy relationships and master conflict resolution skills.
  • You will learn to stand up for yourself and communicate in healthy ways.
  • You will heal old emotional wounds and establish constantly growing levels of emotional wellness in all aspects of your life.
  • You will learn to forgive and let go of old anger which will greatly contribute to your overall health and well-being.
  • You will get better at expressing love and appreciation in your significant relationships.
  • You will overcome your commitment phobia by healing your anger, learning to forgive, and creating healthy relationships.
  • You will learn to overcome your fear of aging and move into a joyful process of Elegant Aging that will enhance your health and the rest of your life!

Seem like too much to offer from healthy anger? Nope! You can have all of that and more, when you remove the barriers to your health and happiness and activate the amazing power of who you really are.

There's also a movie called Upside Of Anger - check it out.

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What Are Your Favorite Stories
About Times When Anger Helped?

Okay, here's your chance! Tell those stories about when you or someone you know got angry and took powerful, effective action to make things better! I'll add my comments or suggestions, and we'll have a new web page based on your input!

Don't hold back--this can be helpful to you and other visitors. When they read your comments, they'll know they're not alone, and they just might learn something.

Keep it clean. I'll do some editing, but you can help out with that too!

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