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Treatments For Depression
That Get To The Cause And Cost You Nothing

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

Most treatments for depression
 require that you go to a doctor or a counselor--and it costs anywhere from a little to a lot. I'm going to tell you about some ways to treat your depression that you can do on your own, at no cost

treatments for depression

By they way, do you have a story or question about depression? If so, then tell it now!

I will mention books, CDs and services that might help, but you're going to learn some powerful and effective techniques here that you can start using right away to heal your depression.

Wait! This is an anger management site--what does that have to do with depression? Glad you asked. Anger and depression are very closely related, as you will discover. 

The Healing Power Of Emotional Expression

Emotional expression is healing. There is no question about that. The tricky part is that in the process of expressing your emotions, all kinds of things can happen that make things worse and not better.

That's because most of the time when you express your emotions, somebody is listening, and then they react or respond in a way that might not be helpful.

So--here's the solution! As you start becoming aware of the early depression warning signs, or even if you're deep into many of the signs of depression, you can use the following treatments for depression to get to the cause of your depression and start your healing process. 

What are we talking about here?

We're talking about journaling, or simply writing your thoughts and feelings. Think about it this way:

  • Don't worry! This has nothing to do with your spelling or grammar skills! Nobody's going to read it but you--and you don't even have to read it yourself if you don't want to. You can still get the benefits.
  • These do-it-yourself treatments for depression are for nobody's eyes but yours, so you can let all of your feelings and thoughts pour out on the page.
  • It works best to get a notebook or journal book that is only for this type of writing. Some people even get a book with a lock on it. The value of writing in long hand in a notebook or journal is it helps you connect with your emotions better than typing on a keyboard.
  • Yes, you can use a computer to do this. The beauty of that is that you can easily delete it when you're done. The downside is that it's more mechanical, and doesn't have the more relaxed, emotional feeling of long hand writing.

Dr. James Pennebaker, researcher at the University of Texas, Austin authored a book entitled: Opening Up: The Healing Power Of Emotional Expression, and in his book he cites numerous studies that show the benefits of simply writing about emotionally traumatic experiences.

Also, I have observed in my 40+ years of practice that when clients express their feelings, they get better--and many of the signs of depression disappear!

These treatments for depression that you are about to discover work--if you use them! 

Treatments For Depression In Four Steps

Okay, here is a description of the treatments for depression we're talking about here:

A. The first step is to review all of the emotional pain and trauma from your past. What?!? That sounds terrible! You're right, and that's why most people choose medication or any other external solution to the problem of depression. This is not easy, but it works. Why? Because it gets back to the cause of your depression and starts healing the signs of depression from there. Here is your first writing exercise.

B. Now it's time to try some guided imagery for emotional healing. This gives you a chance to go back to each of those painful memories with the knowledge and love you have today, and rescue that wounded child from your past. Use these exercises for this part. You will also find our CD/audio program called Nurturing Your Inner Child to be helpful with imagery and emotional healing of your past.

C. The next step in these treatments for depression is to do a daily journaling process, in which you get all of your negative emotions out. Here are your steps for this part:

treatments for depression
  1. First thing in the morning, after you get your tea or coffee or other morning beverage, sit down with your journal in a comfortable spot.
  2. Just write about any frustrations, anger, fear or worries you might have.
  3. Watch for a pattern in what comes out.
  4. Keep writing until you feel some kind of relief and release.

D. The fourth and final step is one where you shift your focus from the negative to the positive. This is extremely important as part of your treatments for depression, so don't leave this part out! Just follow the guidelines on this page to help you shift your focus from what is wrong and broken to what is good, right and working in you and your life.

Most of what we offer on this site is free. It is offered to you for your benefit and your use. Please share it with others who would also benefit.

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Are you looking for more than what you're finding here? Read this article on treatments for depression on WebMD.

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