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Overcome Jealousy
With Effective Anger Management Tools

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

When you overcome jealousy, it will help you and your relationships more than you know. You probably do know how destructive jealousy can be. 

Here's your chance to understand and resolve this difficult problem once and for all. Anger management is an essential part of this, because anger and fear are at the core of jealousy.

Jealousy comes originally from love, and when you take care of this problem, you are actually returning to the love that you started with.

And the most important part of that love is your love for yourself.

One of the main cures for jealousy is to realize that you are worthy of love, appreciation and respect. 

How Did You Get So Jealous?

In order to overcome jealousy, you need to understand it. So, let's look at how it starts and how it gets to be a problem.

  • First, you were born with a need to love and be loved, and that is the strongest need you have.
  • That need was not perfectly met, and you developed a fear that you would never be loved like you want to be.
  • Or, you were loved too much by your mother or father, and that created a craving for that excessive love.
  • You "fell in love" as an adult, and you attached very strongly to your true love, afraid of losing that love.
  • Your jealousy is fear--fear that your true love will leave you for another.

Okay, so you developed your jealous feelings like this or something similar. Now let's look at how you can deal with jealousy using effective anger management tools.

Can You Overcome Jealousy?

I'm glad you asked. One of the best ways to overcome jealousy is by dealing with the emotions behind it. Got a story or question? Share it here.

When you remove fear and anger from jealousy, for example, you don't even have jealousy any more.

Here is a process you can use to solve your jealousy problems:

  • Begin a daily journaling process of writing about your feelings. This will help you to begin to understand your feelings.
  • Write a relationship history. Make a list of all of the love relationships you have ever had, starting with your parents, up to current times. Include whether you felt loved, how much, and what was missing in the relationship.
  • In your writing, focus on the love, sorrow, fear and anger that you felt during and after the end of each relationship.
  • Now it is time for your emotional healing process. This Inner Child books and will help, as well as the books you will find on our product page.
  • You might also choose to get some anger management counseling, or sign up for one of our anger management programs.

Overcoming jealousy is not a simple or easy process. You have to decide that you want to be healthy, and make up your mind to do the necessary work to make it happen. Here are some great tips on how to overcome jealousy from the Positivity Blog

We know for sure that you want to overcome jealousy, or you wouldn't be here, and you sure would not have read this far on this web page. So, I strongly encourage you to try the following audiobook program at no risk to you (100% money-back guarantee). 

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