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Natural Remedies For Depression
That Don't Cost You A Penny

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

Natural remedies for depression bring to mind things like St. John's Wort and other herbal remedies, but that's not 
what we're focusing on here. This is not about supplements or remedies you put in your body. 

natural remedies for depression

Here you will learn about things you can do on your own, at home, that are totally free! Our approach gets to the causes of depression, instead of providing a quick fix for the symptoms.

If you were looking for a quick fix, by the way, you probably would not even be reading this. This is not a medical site, and I'm not a medical doctor.

I am a doctor however, with a Ph.D. and 40+ years of helping people overcome depression. If you're willing to take a few steps yourself, I will help you to help yourself. 

Natural Remedy Number One

We might lose you here, because the first of our natural remedies for depression guessed it...exercise! Depression lives in your body, and when you get your body moving, it will help with your depression.

Here is a great article that explains how exercise is a "magic cure" for depression, along with some other natural tips and techniques.

Here are some ways exercise helps with depression:

  • Depression is a kind of shutting down and stopping. Exercise is getting up and getting going. Our bodies and our emotions were meant to move. Learn now how you can love to exercise!
natural remedies for depression
  • When you exercise, you're sending a message to your body and subconscious mind that you care, which counters the depression belief that "nothing matters."
  • Exercise is a form of self love, and when you do it regularly it will definitely raise your sense of self worth and self esteem.
  • When you get to a certain level of aerobic exercise, endorphins are released into your blood stream, and they are "the feel good chemicals" that your body naturally produces.

Whether it is regular walking, running, stretching, yoga or working out with a personal trainer, get moving if you don't want to be depressed!

This research study shows that as one of the natural remedies for depression, exercise is "on a par with medication." 

Natural Remedy Number Two

This one also requires your effort--but not quite as much as you need for physical exercise.

Therapeutic journaling has been shown consistently to help with managing emotions of all kind, particularly when it is a structured and focused process.

Here's how the journaling process works:

  • The first step is to you write about any past trauma you may have experienced.
  • Finally, and perhaps the most important step, you start a daily positive journaling process (as described in the "journaling process" link above. This is where you are actually retraining your brain to focus on what is good, right and working in you and your life.

There you have it. Those are the best remedies for depression that I know of...and here are a few more really good ones below. 

More Natural Remedies For Depression

These are some tried and true remedies to add to your tool bag:

  • A strong, positive spiritual focus, religious practice or faith in a higher power. This helps with everything!
  • good healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic. Good balance of nutrition, not too much sugar.
natural remedies for depression
  • Strong, healthy, positive relationships with friends and family.
  • Learn to think very, very positively about yourself and your world.
  • Laughter and fun!
  • Regular contact with nature, art and music.
  • Creative expression of any kind.

Now the rest is up to you. If you use any or all of the above natural remedies for depression, you will definitely start to feel better! Become your own best resource for healing depression and all related problems.

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