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And Heal It Once And For All

Your anxiety is there for a reason, and when you find out what it is, you'll be on the road to the confidence and ease you're looking for.

Your mind and your emotions are actually brilliantly designed for your well being, and your anxiety is just an interruption to the natural order of things. It comes from past pain and trauma, and when you take care of that part, the anxiety will naturally subside.

You are about to discover a wonderful tool for literally healing those old emotional wounds, taking care of your panic and anxiety symptoms once and for all.

Order now, and you receive over 50 years of professional experience jam-packed into a one hour audiobook.

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Meet Jana And Sam

They are good people just like you and me, who happen to have problems with anxiety. (These are fictional characters, but the stories are very true from my professional experience).

Here's a brief overview of their stories, showing you how they moved from the stress and difficulty of dealing with panic and anxiety to finding solutions that brought lasting ease and confidence.

Jana's story:

Jana has been anxious since she was a child, and lately it has become totally unmanageable. anxiety symptomsIt hits her all of a sudden, sometimes at night, sometimes when she's shopping...she never knows when it's coming next.

She remembers clearly lying awake at night, listening to her parents fighting. She didn't understand, and she couldn't help thinking it was her fault.

She often heard them referring to her or "the children" in their arguments. Then...the fighting stopped. Her parents divorced, and the feelings of guilt grew.

Jana's problem:

  • Lately she's started avoiding going to sleep, by staying awake and looking at social media, or watching TV. As a result, she's tired all of the time and feels like a failure at everything she does.
  • She tried the medications, and they seemed to help for a while, then the anxiety came back, with a vengeance.
  • Sometimes it seems like all of the problems around her are her fault. If her husband or her children are upset, she blames herself. It just seems like she can't win.

Jana's solution:

  • When the medications didn't work for her, Jana started thinking there was something wrong with her. She realized she had thought that ever since she was a child, witnessing her parents' conflict and feeling helpless to do anything about it.
  • Sometimes in the middle of the night she felt like she was five years old again, filled with panic and terror and inadequate to deal with the life she was living.
  • When she started using the imagery and affirmations in the Nurturing Your Inner Child audiobook, Jana started to realize that she was a capable, intelligent adult, not just a frightened, insecure child. Then...and this is where the healing started...the adult started to help the child.

As a result...

  • Jana started to feel more and more confident in herself as an adult, to make decisions and take action to make her life better.
  • As she learned to love and nurture the child within, she was better able to love and nurture her relationships with her husband and children.
  • The anxiety subsided steadily, as long as she continued doing the healing work with her inner child. Then, eventually, it went away completely. She still felt a little tense or nervous at moments, but it always passed quickly, and she was able to take effective action any time those feelings arose.
  • As a result, Jana became a more relaxed person in all of her activities and relationships. Friends and family noticed the difference. When they asked what happened, she said simply, "I learned how to take care of myself emotionally."

Before I tell you about Sam's story, I want to share some of the benefits of the Inner Child audiobook, which you can download to begin listening immediately.

With The Inner Child Audiobook, You...

  • Get relief from the shallow breathing, rapid heart rate and racing thoughts.
  • Feel more at ease in situations that used to upset you, allowing you to think clearly and make good decisions.
  • Sleep deeper and longer at night, with feelings of ease and comfort in your mind and body.
  • Feel more of a sense of peace as you understand yourself and your inner emotions better.
  • Accept yourself and others more easily, with an feeling of appreciation for the uniqueness in everyone.

And that's not all...when you buy the audiobook or ebook, you will also:

  • Develop better self esteem, which is the basis for all of confidence and feelings of strength you're looking for.
  • Get motivated to take care of your own emotional and physical health first, so that you bring a better person to all of your relationships.
  • Get consistent and persistent with your exercise and diet. Your health is the starting point for everything you want, and exercise will help you manage your anxiety and all of your emotions.
  • Feel more optimistic about life and aging, as you consistently focus on a bright and uplifting vision of your future life.

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Now, let's take a look at Sam's situation.

Sam's story:

His dad was often described by family and friends as stoic. What that meant for Sam is that his dad didn't talk to him, except to tell him what to do and what he was doing wrong.

Sam loved his dad, but he was never sure where he stood with him. So he naturally turned to his mom for the comfort and connection that every child needs.


His mom was a kind and loving woman who was always there when Sam needed her. But...she was very anxious and afraid most of the time.

Sam got the love and comfort he needed from his mom, but he also picked up on her was a package deal. She never would have chosen to pass it on to him, but she had no choice.

He could see it in her eyes, hear it in her voice, and feel it in her touch. She never felt all that safe in the world, and she was over-cautious with Sam, giving him the feeling he was not safe in the world either.

Without realizing it, Sam learned that the comfort and safety he got from his mother came with a price tag. The price he paid was the fear, insecurity and anxiety he picked up from her.

Sam's problem:

  • Sam was driven to be successful by a need to get his father's love and approval. It worked for him in a way, because he was indeed successful. But of course he never got his dad's love and approval.
  • He was always anxious, and he didn't know why. He was capable and confident at work, and could not think of any rational reason for the anxiety and occasional panic he felt.
  • His problem did get in his way, however. Sam's co-workers and bosses sensed his anxiety, and didn't feel as confident in him as they would have otherwise.
  • Sometimes the anxiety was so bad that he would not be able to think clearly in tense business situations. And some days it was so bad he couldn't get out of bed. The medications he tried helped him at first, then those benefits seemed to go away over time.

Sam's solution:

  • Totally frustrated in his attempts to overcome the anxiety with medication and sheer will power, Sam realized that he was going to have to look inside himself for the solution to his problem.
  • He had heard about people getting over their anxiety with therapy, but he wasn't really ready to take that step yet. That's when he heard about working with the inner child through imagery and affirmation.
  • Something about that approach really worked for him. He liked the idea of seeing himself as a child and offering comfort and protection to that child. It also made sense to him that the child inside was the source of his anxiety.
  • He started listening to the Nurturing Your Inner Child audiobook,sometimes several times in one day. He repeated the tracks that touched him most, and he slowly started feeling the comfort and relief he had been looking for.

And then...

  • The emotion that Sam had bottled up for so long started to rise to the surface, and it came out in a way that felt so deeply healing.
  • He felt himself growing stronger, as the adult man became more and more of a protector and comforter to the scared little boy inside.
  • As he continued to release the old anxiety, sorrow and frustration, Sam started to feel a sense of relief spreading throughout his mind and body.
  • Then as he went through his daily life at home and at work, he watched those stressful situations come and go, without the old panic and anxiety. He could picture the little boy inside relaxed and happy, even while things outside him were tense and uncomfortable.
  • Sam's thinking became more clear. Decisions came more easily, and he found that other people started showing signs of respect and admiration that he'd never noticed before.

About Dr. William DeFoore

My name is Dr. William DeFoore, and as I mentioned above, I've been helping people overcome anxiety, depression and anger and increase their well being for over 40 years.

Dr. William DeFoore

I'm passionate about helping people, because I believe that most good folks like you can overcome your obstacles and realize your dreams.

I've seen countless numbers of people benefit from inner child work, and I'm totally confident that you will be one of them.

I have all the degrees (B.A., M.A. and Ph.D.), but that's not where I learned how to help folks reach their goals for happiness and success in life. It came from a lot of professional work, learning and life experience. I learned by doing--and that's how you're going to learn too.

Inner Child

You Can Take Charge Of Your Anxiety And All Of Your Emotions

You were born with love and joy bubbling up out of's natural in children. However, life happens, and most of us don't get to keep those great feelings. But you can get them back!

Here's a sneak peak at what's ahead for you in this audiobook:

  1. Discover the secrets of true, lasting self love and all of the ways it can help you.
  2. Realize that you are a good person--who has tremendous worth and value.
  3. Use all of the power of your brilliant mind to reach new levels of emotional control and well being.
  4. Use both your right brain and left brain to send messages of understanding, reassurance and encouragement to your emotional self (your inner child), which will ease your agitation and soothe your anxiety.
  5. Give the strong approval, comfort and love to yourself that you have always longed for.

How do you know this really works?

I have seen these methods work for thousands of people. This is how I know my methods really work:

  • I see people getting immediate relief from feelings of anxiety, depression, anger and stress.
  • I see people relaxing as they realize they can learn and master the skills necessary to maintain their positive emotional state of well being and happiness.
  • I see people becoming more empathic and compassionate with others, creating stronger connections and lasting intimacy.
  • I see people taking responsibility for their anxiety and all of their emotions, and feeling empowered by the knowledge and skill they have gained.
  • I see them breathing more deeply, being more mindful, and smiling more frequently.

The outcomes don't just stop with learning to love yourself...the ultimate benefit is in what happens in your relationships with your partner, spouse, children, extended family and friends. This is what you can expect:

  • More empathy--when you have understanding and compassion for your own deep, inner feelings, it will be much easier to show true caring and empathy for others. And...empathy is the antidote to conflict and frustration!
  • The feelings of loneliness and isolation will go away. That empty, sad feeling you feel inside will be replaced with warmth and a sense of connection.
  • You will feel more comfortable with intimacy and closeness, and it will feel more and more relaxed and natural the more you love yourself, using the inner child audiobook.
  • If you are a parent, you will become more nurturing and connected with your children, creating a sense of respect and loyalty both ways.

All of this is within your reach.

You Are Far More Good And Valuable Than You Know

Why is it so hard to love yourself? Because you are naturally hard on yourself...most of us are, and this can be a big cause of anxiety.

You're only hard on yourself because part of your brain is a problem solver, and it focuses on all the things that are "wrong" in hopes of getting them fixed.

But it doesn't work to just focus on the problems, and that causes the frustration and anxiety to just keep growing.

You just can't get all of those problems solved, and until you begin with a more positive, loving focus, you will just get more anxious and frustrated.

When you begin to realize your own goodness and value through the Nurturing Your Inner Child audiobook you will see your quality of life and all of your relationships getting better.

"Tremendous value and goodness are right there inside you, just waiting for you to recognize and express them."

William DeFoore

You know that your life could be better...that's why you're here. And you're right!

There is no limit to your capacity for being confident and calm, and no limit to your capacity for joy. Developing a loving, nurturing relationship with your inner child is perhaps the most effective and efficient way of increasing your joy.

Inner LightWhether you realize it or not, you have all of the joy, enthusiasm and love inside you that you could ever want or dream of.

Which is all well and good, but you want access to it, right? That's exactly what our audiobook is designed to give you access to your naturally occurring inner resource of all of the good feelings and anger control you want.

Now this opportunity is right here in front of you...why wait?

Download the Ebook or Audiobook now!

With This Powerful And Effective Audiobook, You...

  • Develop skills for keeping yourself emotionally balanced and healthy.
  • Build inner strength and confidence in challenging and difficult life situations.
  • Sleep better at night by using the self nurturing imagery process to bring a sense of deep ease and relaxation.
  • Feel more comfortable in your own skin, and more at ease in all situations.

You want more happiness and love in your life...we all do. That is not only possible, it's very likely...since you're smart enough to be reading about this highly effective audiobook.

The next time you look into the innocent, joyful, trusting face of a small child, remember that that same innocence, joy and trust are inside you...but now, you have the wisdom of your adult life experience to go with it.

So You Can Also Benefit By...

  • Breathing easy as your inner feeling of security and happiness grow.
  • Treating all of your loved ones with more kindness and compassion.
  • Using the power of your mind for managing stress and healing emotional wounds.
  • Enjoying the confidence of knowing that you have powerful and effective skills for dealing with difficulties and maintaining your well being.
  • Discovering the amazing power of self love and the positive benefits of being a very good friend to yourself.

Want to see just what you're getting with this great "50 Years In One Hour" audiobook? Okay, here's a list of the actual tracks on this audiobook:

Nurturing Your Inner Child

Audiobook Tracks

1. Introduction
2. Relaxation Process
3. Visualization with the Wounded Child
4. Your Original, Innocent Child
5. Visualization with Your Own Birth
6. Reparenting Your Inner Child
7. Sexual Guidance for Your Inner Child
8. Your Brilliant Mind
9. Physical Health and Natural

10. Accomplishment and Performance
11. Your Inherent Creativity
12. Affirmations Introduction
13. Connecting With Your Inner Child
14. Your Mind and Your Joy
15. Affirmations for Healthy Sexuality
16. Affirmations for Loving
17. Affirmations for Your Body
18. Quiet Time and Journaling

Listen to these previews of Nurturing Your Inner Child now!

This has been one of our best sellers among all of our audio products. That's because it gets right down to the basics and covers all of them! Let's take a look at what others have said:

Testimonials From Our Satisfied Customers

"The most powerful part of the Inner Child audiobook for me is how it affirms not only my connection to my inner child but also how to love and connect with my own children. As I listen, I imagine I am not only holding my inner child but also my own children, I don't know if this is recommended, but it happens naturally. "

Brooke Jephson, Young mother of two

"We've been looking for some first-rate, sophisticated, inner child guided exercises for years now, but until we found Dr. DeFoore's beautiful work and wonderful voice, there was nothing we wanted to carry. These meditations and affirmations on healing and self-love are the real deal, offering reparative images and cognitive counterweight for those whose sense of self was profoundly injured in childhood. These processes are perfect for those in recovery from childhood sexual abuse, spousal abuse, substance abuse or just a tough childhood. This was worth waiting for, and we're delighted to offer it."

Belleruth Naparstek, Founder of Health Journeys, Inc.

"Thank you for the download - Nurturing your Inner Child. Bless me, and bless you Dr. DeFoore, for giving me this opportunity to find a way to start my healing process and to share this love, a healthier love, with my inner child, and ultimately, me!"

Anonymous (to protect confidentiality).

Download the Ebook or Audiobook now!

Thanks for being here, and for making this effort to create more health and happiness in your life! I believe that when you help yourself, you are helping everyone. So with that in mind, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this page, and making the effort to add to the goodness in the world from your own.

With warmest regards,

P.S. If you haven't realized it yet, this audiobook has everything you need to heal old emotional wounds and create a new, lasting, positive relationship with yourself!

P.P.S. I give you my personal and professional assurance that if you use and practice the affirmation and visualization exercises in the Nurturing Your Inner Child audiobook, you will have the lasting peace and joy you've been looking for. Why wait?

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