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Life Screws Me Up

by Miss Hussain

I'm just 16 years old and im studying at college. The people around me are so annoying. I want to take my anger out on them because they make me so mad.

I sometimes cry alone at home and think about the mistakes I've made in life and I just get really furious about it. I don't like to talk to anyone. If I let my anger out to people I have to sometimes cry and I can't control it. I'm very weak hearted.

I sometimes image my revenges on the people I hate and I picture very violent images where I'm shooting a person or I want to hurt them so bad I want them to suffer. When I make big mistakes I always stress and think about them everyday and I won't move on.

I never think before I say something so I end up hurting a person. How can I become a more chilled and relaxed person and learn to deal with annoying people?

Response from Dr. DeFoore

Hello Miss Hussain, and thanks for telling your story here. I respect the honesty and humility reflected in what you've written here. I can tell you sincerely want to feel better about yourself, and improve your relationships.

Your anger is there for a reason. You need to find out what it is, and heal it at that level. The people around you that annoy you are not your problem.

Please read this page on getting revenge, and I think it will help you. I also strongly encourage you to read this FAQ page to understand and heal your anger.

If you do these exercises, Miss Hussain, I think you will possibly be able to reach your goals.

Most important, believe in yourself. Although you don't know it at this time, you have a good heart. That's why you don't like the anger and aggression, and that's why you told your story on this site.

My very best to you,

Dr. DeFoore

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