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Letting Go Quotes
That Will Help You To Move On And Feel Better

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

These letting go quotes by Dr. William DeFoore set you free from anger, resentment and attachment to bad relationships. The opposite of letting go is holding on. You can't forgive if you're holding on to anger and resentment, for example.

letting go quotes

So in our letting go of anger quotes, we're going to give you some pointers about how to let go and move on. The beauty of this is that when you let go, what you end up with is your wonderful self!

And when it comes to letting go of old relationships, well, you probably know that's easier said than done. You will learn some great tips here on just how to do that.

Letting go is a skill you can learn, and it will serve you well for the rest of your life.

Jump right in, and take these letting go quotes into your good heart.

Letting Go Quotes On Anger & Resentment

These letting go quotes focus on anger and forgiveness. If holding on suggests a closed fist, then letting go would suggest an open hand.

Ask yourself what you're holding on to, and what you would lose if you let go. You really need to know what you're afraid of, and once you do you will be closer to letting go.

"It's a good idea to let go of anger, just not in anybody's face."

"Letting go of anger and resentment will help you breathe more easily, relax and sleep better."

T"o truly and completely forgive someone, you have to first acknowledge the depth and dimension of your anger."

"Forgiveness is the healing of a wound--and no wound can be healed that has not first been fully examined."

"You can let go of all of your anger without hurting yourself or anybody else. As a matter of fact, that's the only way to completely let it go."

Letting Go And Letting God

hands touching

If you're not religiously or spiritually oriented, or you have had negative experiences with religion, feel free to skip this part. These 
letting go quotes are for those who use their spiritual lives as a resource for comfort and healing.

Whether you're letting go of anger in order to forgive, or letting go of a relationship to be free to move on and love again, your spiritual beliefs can be of great help to you.

"The 12 step program starts with letting go and acknowledging a higher power. For many people entering recovery, that's the hardest step of all."

"When you have any faith at all, letting go and letting God can be like getting out of your own way, which activates the best of who you are and invites the greatest power in the Universe to assist you."

"Anybody who has ever truly released their need to control or change others will tell you that something powerful and beautiful washed over them at the moment they finally let go."

"If you believe that God is within you, then it might be easier to imagine that when you relax and let go, that powerful Inner Being can more easily emerge from within you and do the right thing."

"Try finishing your prayers with, "Thy will be done." That is letting go and letting God, and it provides relief and makes your prayer more effective."

Letting Go Of A Relationship That's Not Working

We all need to let go of a relationship, or another person, at some point in our lives. This is what healthy grieving is, in some ways. These letting go quotes will help you to let others be who they are, while you shift your focus to who you choose to be.

"Letting go of a relationship is sometimes a matter of minding your own business instead of trying to get someone else to be or do something they're not being or doing."

"Letting go of a husband, wife or other close family member due to death or divorce is a matter of understanding the stages of grief and how to move through them."

"Anger is a form of holding on. You may think you're done with someone, but if you're still mad at them, then you're still holding on."

"Letting go of a relationship means recognizing how deeply you have attached to the other person. You will know how attached you are by how you feel when you think about them and how often they enter your thoughts."

"Letting go of another person is a matter of giving them your permission to be exactly who they are, with all of their best and worst qualities. It means shifting your focus off of them and onto yourself."

I hope you have enjoyed these letting go quotes. Oh--here's one I almost forgot--"Letting go is the first step to gaining control." That's my favorite.

Do you have a favorite letting go quote or a question about forgiveness? Submit it right here, and I might just publish it on this site!

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