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I Trusted My Ex Boyfriend Only To Be Betrayed Again

by Ann

I was in a relationship with a guy, who started up another relationship behind my back. When we broke up, he was with her the same night.

Months went by and although I had not got over the ordeal, I was starting to live my life again. Lo and behold I ran into him again and we started talking and did not spend any time apart from the day we reconnected.

I trusted him not to do the same thing to me. He apologized and said it was all a mistake. Seven months later, he did the exact same thing to me almost to the day!

He started another relationship while we were together and the day we broke up he was with her. Before I even found out, I felt in my gut he was doing the same thing to me.

It all started to spiral out of control when he started to treat me poorly again and started using me. He waited until after Christmas so that he and his daughter could receive the gifts my son and I had purchased for the both of them.

I bought him boots and briefs and sleep pants, and clothes, shoes and toys for his daughter. My son bought the both of them gifts as well. My son and I both received very minimal gifts.

The reason I feel they were such minimal gifts is because he had been chatting up this other girl a couple of months before Christmas and knew he would be getting out of the relationship but wanted to stick around for the gifts.

I must add that he really does not have anything to his name. So, maybe that is why he stuck around.

It really bothers me that he is strutting around in his new things that I bought. It just burns me up. I am angry at him and myself.

I should have known better, but yet I chose to trust him again. I let him be around my son, who is older, but still, what a crappy example of a man he was for my son. I feel like I made such a bad decision.

I have this feeling of revenge, but it's more of a karma thing I wish for. But I feel like it consumes me and I need to get past that. I have tried self-help books, blogs and I started a workout program and eating healthier.

I am trying to use these things to vent my frustration and get myself in a better frame of mind, but there are days like today it consumes me. I feel the longer I obsess about this, the more control he has over me and I want to be completely over it.

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Mar 17, 2015
You Can Let Go Now
by: Dr. DeFoore

Hi Ann

I'm so glad that you've been healing, by reading and doing emotional healing work. I think you can expect to continue to heal.

I respect your willingness to take responsibility for your part of what happened. That in no way excuses what he did to you, but it gives you the opportunity to move forward and let go of your anger.

You will be emotionally free from this when you have learned all you need to learn from it. Make a list of the valuable lessons you've learned, as a way of exploring this for yourself.

You will also benefit by looking at these pages on forgiveness and grieving.

My very best to you in your continued healing.

Dr. DeFoore

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