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Husband Talking To Ex Girlfriend Behind My Back As We Are Having Problems

by CRD

I just found out, in the midst of severe marriage problems, and also in the midst of many personal family issues, my husband has been confiding and sharing our life's joys and problems with his ex girlfriend BEHIND MY BACK.

Things have been the worst ever since he has been talking to her on Facebook. When we were doing invitro he swore at me and told me he was leaving me for his ex girlfriend. She has now shown up on Facebook and she writes to him about our achievements. I introduced myself as his wife and she befriended me, then put up security settings so I cannot see what she writes on anyone's walls including my husband's.

She took her pictures off of Facebook. Something is not right. I feel so violated that she knows of my life and my husband's and he confided in her about our personal issues. Now I gave him an ultimatum to show all emails and communications or he is gone. He immediately took her off of Facebook friends list and physically took the time to erase all emails so I cannot view them.

I don't trust him anymore. Our marriage therapist calls this extreme emotional abuse and infidelity.

Response from Dr. DeFoore

Hello CRD, and thanks for telling your story here. You are in a difficult situation, and I'm glad you're seeing a therapist. I suggest you continue talking to that professional, and come up with a plan that feels good to you.

I suggest you read each of the following pages, and follow the recommendations that seem to fit for you.

letting go of a relationship
dealing with marital problems

Believe in yourself and your good heart, and make your decision from that goodness inside you. Wait until you feel positively inspired to an action, then take that action. Try not to act out of fear or anger. Act from your wisdom of what is right for you.

My very best to you,

Dr. DeFoore

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