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Healing Anxiety Symptoms
Without Medication

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

You want relief from anxiety symptoms, or you wouldn't be here. You've tried medication already, or you don't want to go that route. 

One way or the other, you're here because you're willing to consider that the healing of your anxiety comes from inside you.

The good news about that is, you've got the solution right with you, and you may not even need a doctor or a counselor's help along the way. Even if you're already on medication, you can still benefit here.

It's have what it takes to overcome your anxiety, and I'll show you how. The power is within you, and my job is to help you access and learn to use it in healthy, successful ways.

You can do this!

What does this have to do with anger?

I'm glad you asked...

Here is my answer, in a few nutshells:

  • One of the causes of anxiety can be unexpressed or unclaimed anger.
  • People who are anxious sometimes have to move through anger on the way to healing their anxiety.
  • Developing healthy anger can often be a cure for anxiety attacks.

So, I have found that a lot of the same methods help people with anger issues as with anxiety issues. Let's move on to why you're here...

What Are The Main Anxiety Symptoms?

Wow...if we get really thorough here, it would be a very long list! So, I'm going to give you a short list and then move on to healing anxiety methods. If you want to see a longer list of symptoms, just do another online search.

Okay, here's the short list:

  • Physical symptoms
    • Your heart beats faster
    • Your breathing gets fast and shallow
    • You might feel tightness in your chest, shoulders or other parts of your body
    • Your hands might tremble or shake
    • Sleep problems and insomnia
  • Emotional symptoms
    • Fear
    • Panic
    • Nervousness
    • Irritability
    • Feeling "inconsolable"
  • Mental symptoms
    • Racing thoughts
    • "Worst case scenario" thinking
    • Self-doubt
    • Not trusting anyone
    • Looking for an escape route

As I mentioned, there are many more symptoms than those we've listed here, but our primary focus is on treating anxiety symptoms, not just listing them. If you're having anxiety attacks, social anxiety disorder issues or generalized anxiety disorder, you're probably looking for solutions!

First Step - Let's Understand Anxiety

Here are some things you need to know in order to heal your anxiety symptoms, to stop your anxiety attacks and to overcome social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety disorder:

  • There is nothing wrong with you--I know, that may sound crazy, but what I mean is that your anxiety is there for a reason. Our job is to find out what that reason is and fix it.
  • You will be stronger and wiser when you heal your anxiety, and you will feel much more calm. There are gifts waiting for you on the other side of your healing process.
  • There is an untold story behind your anxiety, and we will find out what it is. When you begin exploring and telling that story, your symptoms will begin to subside.
  • You are a smart, healthy person at your core, and our job is to help you connect with that part of you so that you can live the life you choose.

"Your body/mind is a brilliant, self-healing organism designed for health and happiness."

William DeFoore

How anxiety develops:

  • Some kind of early childhood trauma occurs. This can be some variation of abandonment, neglect or abuse, or a combination of all of these.
  • Generalized anxiety disorder or social anxiety disorder might result from a catastrophic event or major trauma later in life, such as a natural disaster, violent crime, rape, etc.
  • The "emotional brain" stores the memory of these traumatic experiences, and if untreated, the emotional memories begin to fester, like an infection.
  • The suppressed emotional trauma then begins to signal its presence with unexplained and seemingly unrealistic fears showing up in everyday life. When these fears escalate, that's when anxiety symptoms occur.
  • These subconscious fears take on a life of their own and attach themselves almost randomly to external situations--such as social situations, enclosed spaces, heights, public speaking, etc.

Anxiety can be seen as a kind of "short circuit" or "explosion" in the nervous system, where a lot of things start happening at once--too much for the brain to process. That's when the panic sets in, the mind starts racing (searching for a solution) and the anxiety symptoms spin out of control.

There is also some possibility that this type of emotional stress can contribute to problems such as adult attention deficit disorder.

That's why they call them "attacks," as in anxiety attacks and panic attacks. It feels like your body/mind system is going haywire and sort of attacking you from within. But it's not!

Check out this video below about what's really going on...

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Now let's activate your brilliant healing capacity to help you resolve your anxiety symptoms once and for all.

The following methods and techniques are very powerful and effective, but only if you use them! Like any good tools, if you don't use them, they're worthless. If you use them and get good at using them, they will serve you well again and again.

Four Steps To Healing Anxiety Symptoms

1. First, write a detailed account of all of the pain and trauma you have ever experienced. I know, it doesn't sound like fun, but this is what it takes to stop the anxiety attacks. Here's how you do it:

  • Get a journal that you can keep totally private. Write in a private space where you won't be interrupted.
  • Write about every time you have felt hurt, disappointed, violated, neglected, abandoned or abused in any way, shape or form.
  • Write in total detail. Keep doing this on a regular basis--daily for 15-30 minute intervals--until you feel that you have covered everything.
  • Focus on how you felt and what you thought about each situation. Keep in mind that no one will read this but you.
  • Focus only on yourself. Do not get caught up in what other people may have been thinking or feeling. The purpose here is for you to have empathy and understanding of yourself and your experience.

2. Next, use the imagery techniques on this page to bring about emotional healing in each of the situations you just wrote about. This is extremely important to your healing process. This is where you actually go back and change your emotional experience, so that the stored memories don't cause your anxiety symptoms anymore. You will find our Inner Child audiobook to be very helpful in this type of imagery healing process as well.

3. Now begin this visualization process:

  • Picture yourself, as if you were watching a movie, in any situation that makes you anxious, angry, afraid or nervous. With your eyes closed, see yourself in any situation where you have had an anxiety attack or any other anger or anxiety symptoms.
  • Now (since you're the director of this movie), picture yourself cool, calm and collected. Notice a calm, relaxed posture and facial expression. Be aware that your breathing in your mental picture is relaxed, deep and even.
  • Watch yourself as you move around and interact with others with a pleasant, easy manner. See yourself laughing and talking, or just staying quiet but having a good time.
  • Keep working at this until you can picture all of this easily, with no anxiety, anger or discomfort either in the mental picture or in your body. There's nothing to worry about here, you're just imagining this!

4. Now you're going to take that image inside yourself (using your imagination). Here's how it works:

  • Imagine that you are actually in the difficult situation, instead of picturing yourself from the outside like before.
  • Focus on your breathing, keeping it deep, even and relaxed. Breathe into your belly, not your chest, as you imagine yourself in the actual situation that provokes your anxiety symptoms.
  • Notice how people respond to you as you remain relaxed and enjoying yourself.
  • Be aware of your relaxed muscles and pleasant facial expression as you move easily and naturally through the entire scenario that has previously bothered you.

That's it! Let me assure you, this is a powerhouse of techniques, and if you use them, they will work! Learn also what WebMD has to offer on anxiety symptoms and types of anxiety.

Believe in yourself! You can do this. You are, after all, your own best anger management resource. 

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