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Why Do I Act This Way?

by Miranda
(Cedar Falls)

I'm a 16 year old female and I am always angry and pissed off by everything. I blow up on my friends and family all the time and some times people in my school.

My friends are always asking what's wrong with me and my family is scared I'm gonna hurt myself. I wouldn't be this way if people just didn't piss me off all the time.

My parents think I also have bipolar disorder. My dad has anger and bipolar problems and I find myself fighting with him more then anyone else. I always have to have the last word and I have found myself getting so angry at my little sister and friends that I've hit them.

I just want help and I want people to stop asking me what is wrong with me because I DONT KNOW!!!!!!

Response from Dr. DeFoore

Hello Miranda, and thanks for telling your story here. I can tell you're having a hard time, and you really want to get along better with others. I will try to help.

I want you to consider that you have good reasons for your anger, even though you don't know what they are. It's important that you find out, and I will recommend some things that will help you with that. Also consider that there is nothing wrong with you...anger is a normal human response to the kind of trauma you describe (with your dad, for example).

I think it will help you to do the three part journaling process described on this page. First, you'll write about the difficulties you've had. This is very important, and it will help. The next step is to write from your anger on a regular basis--this will give it "somewhere to go," so it will be less likely to come out toward your friends and family.

The last step to the journaling process will help you also, because it teaches you to shift your focus to the good things in your life--but this will only work for you when you have experienced some benefit from the first two parts.

You can do this, Miranda. I can tell that you're a smart girl, and you want things to be better.

My very best to you,

Dr. DeFoore

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