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Physically, Mentally, Verbally Abused From Husband

by Anonymous

My spouse is very controlling, I have to wear my hair a certain way, color it a certain color, wear certain clothes he approves of. If I don't, he belittles me. He continues to say half of my paycheck is his. He doesn't work.

We have 3 boys all in diapers. We have a 6 year old girl from his other relationship he was in. He lied to me and said she wasn't his before we got married and I believed him.

If he doesn't get what he wants he has a fit until he does. We had to file bankruptcy. We are still living beyond our means because he wants to buy anything he wants. He says he takes care of the kids but he doesn't when I am at work. We have cameras in the house for the kids’ room showing he doesn't spend any time.

He yells and hits the kids. He beats his little girl and I stepped in yesterday to get her away from him and he grabbed my head and repeatedly slammed it up against the wall. I tried to push him away from me but he kept on doing it. He gets mad over his girl doing the littlest things and picks her upside down with one leg and hits her or pulls her hair or pushes her head up against the wall. I am so scared for the kids.

I want to leave him and take the kids so bad. He took my phone and broke it. He took my car keys and so I can't leave. I then can't go to work. I can't call anyone for help. He broke my laptop. He has pushed me and hit me and slammed me up against walls in the past.

I have had glass dishes and cups thrown at me while I was pregnant that the glass hit my belly. He has holes in the walls. He swears it is my fault that he acts that way. He constantly says it is my fault. He puts me down constantly.

He is also a sex addict and when he is doesn't get what he wants to bashes me more and says I am nothing and calls me names. He makes all these empty promises. Promised he would work and says he can't because I can't take care of the house and the kids.

When I am home, that is where I want to be is with my kids. I love my kids so much and I am frightened by his rage that one day he will go too far. He will act normal after a few days and then just go back to his old ways. He promises he won't hurt and hit me but only has lasted a few weeks. I have to leave with the kids but need help.

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Jul 28, 2019
Don't Wait - It Has Already Gone Too Far
by: Dr. DeFoore

Hello, and thanks for reaching out here. Please take action immediately to protect yourself and especially, to protect your children. You are an adult, they are helpless and completely dependent on you for protection.

You said that you are frightened that "one day he will go too far." Do not wait any longer. He has already gone too far, way too far!

Please contact the people at this National Domestic Violence Hotline immediately.. They will help you to make the next step. They have chat lines, so there is no reason at all for you to wait any longer. (you say you can't call because he broke your phone, but obviously you can get online, or you would not have been able to submit this post).

Your children are depending on you. Please do the right thing, and do it now.

Hoping that you will take action now for your children and yourself...

Dr. DeFoore

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