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I Have Been Beaten And Abused At My School

by Anonymous

I am not so good at English. I don't want to describe the whole story because whenever I remember what they did to me the situation worsens.

I am 18 years of age, and live in India. Corporal punishment is allowed in our college. The first time it started was in 11th class.

Integration problems were given to us in the class and I was not able to solve them. When he saw that, the teacher started beating me mercilessly. Then he asked my previous exam mark and it was pretty good. He asked my friends nearby if I was telling the truth.

Then he told me you should have no more than 6 marks and humiliated me badly, then asked someone to bring a stick to beat me. I pleaded to him not to beat me anymore. He stopped, but asked one of my friends sitting nearby to remind him to beat me the next day.

After that day he started troubling me regularly. But I never protested. I was kind of shy and innocent that time. He used to make me stand up during the entire class for not bringing copy even though many others also used to not bring the copy. He never gave them any punishment.

During the viva exam in class 11 finals, he crossed every limit. He asked me 6 questions and I answered three of them. But unfortunately I was not able to answer first three of them and he again started humiliating me. He started slapping me and then he then started hitting on my back so hard that was on the verge of crying.

Then he asked me if I am mad, which I denied. Then he forced me to tell that I was mad and I did so in front of all my friends. I was so disheartened and miserable that after coming from college I locked myself in my room for a day and went on crying the whole day.

I gradually developed an anxiety disorder and depression. He screwed my whole life. Now I am preparing to give the 12th examination but still the abuse is not getting out of my mind I am becoming so depressed and anxious because those moments keep flashing back in my head.

I am getting revengeful day by day, my anger worsening to such an extent I broke many of my household things and even harmed myself. Now I am wounded. My hands were cut all over as I punched a glass window and broke it.

This anger and revenge attitude in rotting me from inside. I just want to beat him so hard and make him plead like I did and humiliate him like he humiliated me.

My parents also cry when they see talking me bunch of pills from my disorders and their side effects. This person is my worst enemy and yet to hit him will be a crime. I swear one day I will make him pay for this so bad. I can’t express any more now as I am getting anxious.

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Sep 10, 2015
What Has Happened To You Is Wrong
by: Dr. DeFoore

Hello - Thank you for telling your story here. What you experienced in your school is harsh and cruel abuse, regardless of whether the school considers it to be acceptable or not.

It sounds like you are currently out of that teacher's class, so now your need is to heal and deal with the damage that he caused.

Of course you want revenge. That is totally natural and healthy. Be very sure, however, that you do not harm yourself in your efforts to get revenge.

I am sending you two Ebooks (pdf files) that will hopefully be helpful to you in healing and getting yourself healthy after all of the damage this man caused to you.

Anger Management Techniques

Nurturing Your Inner Child

Some of this material may not be relevant for you, but some definitely will. Please read both ebooks, and use any of the techniques that seem to be relevant for you.

I am so sorry for what you have been through. This is just wrong, and I hope you are not exposed to that kind of abuse again.

The best revenge is for you to heal, and live a happy, health life. My belief is that everyone will feel the pain they have caused in life, which would mean that at some time, in some way, this man will feel the pain he has caused you, along with the pain he has caused for others. I hope that is some comfort to you.

I wish you all the best as you heal and move forward into a good life of your creation.

Dr. DeFoore

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