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How To Deal With Jealousy
With High Self Esteem

You want to know how to deal with jealousy so that it doesn't drive you crazy with anger and suspicion. Once your mind starts the suspicion and jealousy pattern, it's like a runaway freight train. 

how to deal with jealousyJealousy's Like A Runaway Train

Whether your partner is flirting, cheating or just acting strange, the suspicious mind can cause you tremendous unnecessary stress, fear and anger.

The key is to honor, love and respect yourself, shifting your focus from your partner to you. This gives you both freedom and responsibility, and takes you out of the victim position that makes jealousy such a miserable feeling.

Here is your chance to learn to feel so good about yourself that the jealousy literally falls by the wayside.

You can do this. Believe in yourself.

How Does Self Esteem Affect Jealousy?

So, you want to know how to deal with jealousy. Well, imagine this for a decide that you are a good, kind-hearted person with a lot to offer. Your attitude becomes, "S/he is lucky to have me. S/he will either figure that out, or not. Either way, I'm moving ahead with my positive, happy life, and it s/he is smart and healthy enough, s/he can join me."

Get the idea? Rather than worrying about what your partner is doing or who they're doing it with, you are focusing on your own personal worth and value.

Here's how your thought process might go:

  • S/he was attracted to me for a very good reason. That reason is still there.
  • I'm a good and worthwhile person, and I have a lot to offer to anyone who is my partner. Get the inner child audio for more self affirmations.
  • If s/he is unwise enough to risk our relationship, that's her/his problem.
  • If things don't work out between us, I will be sad, but I'll move on and find someone who will be more loyal and trustworthy.

What you're doing here is shifting your focus from the other person to yourself. You have not freedom or responsibility regarding your partner's behavior, and you have total freedom and responsibility regarding yours. You will only find out how to deal with jealousy by focusing on yourself instead of the other person(s).

How do you get to the place where you feel that good about yourself? Good question...let's find out.

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