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Forgiveness Quotes
To Help With Letting Go And Moving On

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

These anger and forgiveness quotes will show you how to let go of resentment and heal your relationships. You will learn how anger is not always bad and forgiveness is not always good. 

Surprised? You probably think about anger and forgiveness like the rest of us--one's good and one's bad.

forgiveness quotes

You will find a fresh and helpful viewpoint in these anger and forgiveness quotes that will take you further along your road to emotional freedom and a joyful life.

Relationships are supposed to be fun. We get together because of love and attraction, and to keep that going we havev to learn how to forgive.

These quotes will help you get there.

Forgiveness Quotes To Heal From Anger

"It seems like forgiveness is the opposite of anger, and in some ways that's true. The truth is, though, they are a lot alike in some surprising ways."

"When you decide anger is bad, you may not ever truly get to forgiveness."

"You have to really understand anger and fully release it in a healthy way before you can enjoy the freedom and peace of forgiveness."

"You have to truly understand what forgiveness is before you can get past your resentments and experience emotional freedom."

I think you can see that we're taking a different kind of look at anger and forgiveness quotes here. Most people think they know what these words mean, but when you look deeper, you might find that their true meaning is not so easy to grasp.

Let's keep going and see what shows up.

"Anger is like one of those towns you've been's an okay place to visit, but you won't enjoy staying there too long."

"Forgiveness is something you do for you, not something you're doing for the person you're upset with."

"Healthy anger and true forgiveness are both about letting go and moving on."

"Premature forgiveness happens when you forgive someone without ever really feeling or releasing your anger. When you do this, you're really lying to yourself, and others will know you have not truly forgiven."

We're talking quite a bit about anger here, as you've probably realized. That's because anger is the reason that forgiveness is needed.

"Healthy anger is a protective emotion."

"Healthy anger is strong emotional energy that you can use for constructive, positive action."

"When you decide not to forgive, that doesn't mean you're keeping the wrongdoer "on the hook" for what they've done. We are all accountable, with or without forgiveness."

"One way to know if your forgiveness is complete is to check your relaxation level and your breathing. When you forgive, you will breathe a sigh of relief, and your body will relax. Forgiveness makes you more healthy, loving and joyful."

You will find a lot more anger and forgiveness quotes on this page, and in this article.

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