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Dealing With Stress And Anger
So It Doesn't Deal With You

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

You're dealing with stress all day every day, whether you know it or not. How you deal with stress makes all the difference in the world. Learn how to manage stress and all of the related emotions in healthy, effective ways so that they don't interfere with your health and happiness. 

dealing with stress

Paul Rosch, M.D., president of the American Institute of Stress has found in his research that "75 to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians result from stress-related disorders."

Don't be one of those statistics!

You have the opportunity to step aside from the stressed out masses. Being cool, calm and collected is not "normal," when you consider that normal is what most people are most of the time.

Unfortunately, most people have too much stress in their lives, too much of the time. 

What Does Stress Have To Do With Anger?

When you're feeling stressed out, that means things are not exactly going your way. So, you feel either anxious, afraid, frustrated, irritated or angry.

You really can't separate stress from emotions--they go hand in hand. If you're under stress, that means you're feeling some kind of emotion, no matter what the cause or type of stress might be. 

Here's how it works:

  • Something in your world doesn't go right. It can be your health, money, your job, or a relationship issue--or it can be bad mental habits.
  • You have an unconscious, emotional reaction. This shows up in your body as tension and nervousness that often manifests as shortness of breath, muscle tension and racing thoughts.
  • If we combine your racing thoughts with your physical process, we end up with some form or combination of fear, anxiety, frustration and anger.

I think you can see how emotions and stress are all connected here. The real question of course, is what to do about it. That's exactly where we're going next.

Remember, some stress is normal and healthy. You know that it is unhealthy when your stress interferes with your focus, your clarity of thinking, and your anger/anxiety level.

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Successfully Dealing With Stress And Anger

If you just wanted to take a pill, you wouldn't be here reading this. You must be willing to take some action, if you want lasting change in your stress management. You want to manage your anxiety and become your own best anger management resource.

Let's look at some of your choices:

  • You can change your response to stress with emWave2 when you're dealing with stress and increase your overall health and success. This is an excellent product that we endorse highly. And we are also affiliates with HeartMath, the manufacturer, and receive commissions on all sales from this site..
  • To manage the anger part of your stress, learn anger management techniques, to make sure you're taking care of that part of your stress.

That should give you all you need for dealing with stress and anger in healthy ways. You have what it takes to do this!

Read this study guide on how to deal with stress.

You have everything you need, right there inside you, to manage your stress so that it is healthy, contributing to the life you choose. 

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