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by Sasha

I was known to be a very happy-go-lucky person. I had a constant smile on my face. My life was not perfect but worth living, until some once-upon-a-time best friends came into my life.

We were the best of friends until they betrayed me, including my ex. For me, the world fell apart. I had trusted them. I never got depressed for people to realize, but it changed my life.

Depression came in the form of anger. I can't tolerate people around me. I can't trust anyone now. I prefer to be alone because at least I don't fight with myself, or cheat myself. Nobody seems to know how I feel, what I am going through in my mind.

I got a job, but am I am not happy with it. I have been waiting for things to change but it's all the same. Somehow I want to get ahead of them in life. That's the best way to take revenge. I know they won't be able to bear my success.

It will give them sleepless nights. But my life isn't getting better, in spite of working hard. I wish my dreams could come true, I wish I could become what I was known for, 'the bubbly lil one'!

Response from Dr. DeFoore

Hello Sasha, and thanks for telling your story here. You've got the right idea about the best revenge being your own success. Let's see if we can get you moving in that direction.

First of all, you can't succeed out of anger and spite. So, use the exercises on this FAQ page to understand and heal your anger. Hopefully, you will be less angry after doing those exercises, and using the positive focusing part of the process, you will be able to enhance your success.

I think it will also help you to read the following page on revenge and relationships: healthy alternatives to getting revenge.

I hope this helps, Sasha. Make up your mind that you will succeed because you are a good person, not because you're angry at others.

My very best to you,

Dr. DeFoore

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