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Adult ADD Symptoms
How Anger Management Can Help

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

Adult ADD symptoms often include anger, inability to concentrate, and loss of impulse control. You're going to learn some surprising things here, that will hopefully be 
encouraging and uplifting to you. 

The thing about emotions is that when you learn to manage one of them correctly, it helps with all of the others too. All emotions are connected, and that's a good thing. Understand and manage your emotions, and you will be more able to manage your focus and attention span.

As you know, ADD can affect your relationships. Even with ADD, however, you can still have healthy, happy relationships. You're still a good person with a good heart.

Learn to use your brilliant mind to focus your powerful emotions, and master your ADD symptoms now. 

Manage Your Anger, Manage Your Adult ADD Symptoms

When you learn to manage your anger, you're becoming more emotionally intelligent--which has a lot to do with focusing your attention.

As a matter of fact, where you are with your own anger has a lot to do with how you feel, and how well you can hold your focus. You are, after all, your own best resource for well being and happiness.

Consider these points:

  • Adult attention deficit disorder has a lot to do with not being able to focus and hold your focus of attention.
  • You probably know that many of your adult add symptoms subside as soon as you get passionately involved in something.
  • Therefore, by learning to focus your attention on things that feel good to you (and are healthy for you), you will be able to focus better for longer.

What does this have to do with anger? Good question! Read on... 

Manage Your Focus, Your Anger And Your ADD

Your focus has everything to do with your adult add symptoms, as you know. But what about anger?

Let's take a look at some ways your focus of attention has huge impact on your anger:

  • Part of your anger problem is thinking of yourself as a victim--to your adult add symptoms, to the behavior of your spouse, the economy, or whatever it is that "makes you mad."
  • By learning to train your brain to look at what is good, right and working in your life, you will automatically start to feel more relaxed and less angry.
  • When you are relaxed and calm, you are automatically more compassionate and empathetic towards others--therefore not as likely to be angry.
  • When you successfully discipline your mind to think about the good in you and the world around you, you will just automatically be less distracted, anxious and angry.

Learn more about this important subject, and what you can do about it.

Don't waste another moment! Learn to shift your attention to what feels good and enjoyable to you, so that you can use your mind as a way to improve yourself and your life in general. 

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