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You Can Make A Cop Nervous

by Anonymous

So I have always been an aggressive woman although I would like to say I have never been in a physical fight with another person. I have a history of punching walls and yelling and have put several dents in cars with my fists. I recently have been working on controlling my anger due to a wake up call on July 4th of this last year.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine outside of my house and we were standing next to my husbands truck. We started having a verbal disagreement about his wife who is my friend also. At one point I became very irate and took a step towards my friend as if to hit him. I forgot to mention my friend is a Highway Patrol officer and has about 100 lbs and 6 inches on me.

When I saw the look of shock in his eyes and he went as if to prepare himself to have to restrain me I was smart or should I say stupid enough to turn and slam my right wrist into the downed tailgate of my husbands pickup. After that I got control of my temper but my poor friend was very shook up by the whole thing and kept his poor wife up all night talking about how worried he was he might have had to put me to the ground.

Since this occasion I have not hit anything or anyone. I think seeing the look of shock and surprise in my friends eyes really made me realize how out of control my behavior was becoming.

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Your Girlfriend Leaves You

by Anonymous

I had a boyfriend I was with for over a year, and only being 16 that is quite an achievement for me.

However, he had anger issues. I knew he would never hurt me but he'd often hurt people around him emotionally. He would punch walls and brake things.

I personally believe his anger was due to a parent dieing when he was young. However it took over his life, he was very controlling and afraid of what could happen. His fuse was short and he would explode at the smallest things such as me holding my mother's hand on a day out.

I had to end it as I ended up losing friends and being very depressed. I loved this boy and cared a lot for him, but I no longer speak to him at all as he took the split badly and preferred never to see me again. He believed it was all my fault that he was angry constantly and I guess he can now see that maybe it wasn't my fault. Now I'm no longer there for him.

Response from Dr. DeFoore

Hello, and thanks for telling your story here. It sounds like your thinking is healthy here. It is time for you to move on and create a healthy life for yourself. Look for patterns in that relationship, figure out where they came from, and try not to repeat them.

Check out these quotes on relationships, to see if they offer any insight for you, and take a look at this page on relationships.

Above all, believe in yourself and make up your mind to create a good life with healthy happy relationships for yourself.

My very best to you,

Dr. DeFoore

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