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Thank You

by Emily
(Ontario Canada)

I was cleaning out my inbox and I accidentally deleted your response to my story titled "School" about my emotional conflicts related to high school. I read your response, and I truly felt like you understood where I was coming from. For the longest time I have felt like I'm the only one in the world who feels unnecessary guilt and frustration due to lack of control over my anger. I felt like everyone was normal and I was the only one with a broken brain.

One of my favourite tips you suggested for taming my "inner beast" was visualizing a memory in my past that brought up intense anger, and changing the course of events that lead to that negativity. Although I have countless memories that make me angry, I would still like to try it out.

I'm also going to get a referral from my doctor to see a cognitive behavioral therapist. It may not be necessary to go into further investigation about my past. I understand now that everyone carries a field of negative energy through their whole existence, and some just have it worse than others.

I feel optimistic right now. I guess I'm not a hopeless case.

Response from Dr. DeFoore

Hi Emily--thanks for your contribution! I appreciate you taking the time to tell how the site has helped you. If you haven't already done so, be sure and try
these imagery processes for emotional healing. This is more of what you described about visualizing.

All the best to you!

Dr. DeFoore

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