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Road Rage And The Benefit Of A Quick "Thank You"

by Josh
(London, UK)

Trying To Get A Grip

Trying To Get A Grip

The biggest annoyance of mine on the road is people not saying 'Thank You'. It's probably a 'British thing'. I generally find road users to be fairly courteous, however you get those few that ruin your day and have you reliving the scenario for the next hour.

Aside from 'rudeness' I believe that there are other factors which contribute to Road Rage on our streets. I think its down to attitudes and behaviours inherent in individuals and their awareness and approaches to other factors such as laws, other people and how far they think they can get away with something. Testing limits and boundaries.

I've started a small blog for a University project which applies Fox's theory for reasoning behind such behaviour and believe that we, as drivers or pedestrians take a Unitarian approach to our driving behaviour. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this. Please visit Driving Conflict Off Our Roads and comment.

Response from Dr. DeFoore

I like your thoughts and considerations, Josh. I think it helps to think through these types of issues, to be more consciously aware...which leads to paying better attention while driving.

Some additional thoughts I have, to add to yours:

* When driving alone, many people feel free to "unleash the beast" that is otherwise stifled and suppressed.

* There is a certain power and feeling of control that goes along with operating a motor vehicle. Many people do not feel this kind of power and control in any other aspect of their lives, and therefore feel entitled to a greater sense of justified rage and anger behind the wheel.

Keep up the good work, Josh...and happy motoring!

My best,

Dr. DeFoore

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