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Regret Quotes
That Make You Smarter And Stronger

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

These regret quotes are designed to take you out of the frustration and despair of regret, straight into the positive determination that will carry you forward to the improvement you want.

Everyone has regret. It's natural. But it doesn't have to just end with a bad, helpless feeling of wishing things had been different.

Get started now, and transform your regrets into strength, focus and determination to improve going forward.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to relieve yourself of a burden while enhancing your present and future, all at the same time.

Regret Quotes On Relationships

Your regrets come from your good heart, where you want to be the best you can be for the people you care about.

You don't have to stop at regret. You can use your regret as a pivoting point to motivate you to change for the better going forward.

Regret is an internal reminder of who you really are and who you want to be in your relationships with others.

Regret is hindsight, and it serves an important purpose of helping you learn from your past experience by bringing up negative emotion when you know you could have done better.

The only solution for regret is to change your behavior. The person who was hurt will only let go of their distrust when they see you change consistently in a positive direction.

I think you're getting the idea here. Regret is not a dead-end street, even though it feels that way sometimes.

Use these quotes, and the exercise below to change your regret into a starting point for self improvement and personal growth. 

Regret Quotes On Missed Opportunities

Sometimes your hindsight shines a light on those times when you could have made a really good choice, and for some reason you didn't.

This is as natural as breathing. The question now is, how are you going to deal with these feelings? If you just stay with the regret, you will not only receive no benefit, it will actually be detrimental to you.

Let's dive deeper into this:

Every missed opportunity is a kind of death, and death is always followed by the birth of something new.

It is never too late to try again. Giving up is a choice you never have to make.

You don't have to live with regrets, and it's not recommended. You can choose to plumb the depths of every regret and missed opportunity, and you will always find value in there.

The real question is not about missed opportunity. The real question is, what opportunities are with you right now that you may one day regret passing up?

You can use the negative emotion of regret as a motivator to look deep, far and wide for new and constantly unfolding opportunities that will take you into higher levels of experience.

Some regrets might even be subconscious, where you're just barely aware that you have them. 

These regret quotes might help you to identify some of these, and hopefully move beyond them and let them go.

Regret Quotes From Your Good Heart

One of the deepest regrets you can have is knowing that you have not lived up to the goodness that you know you are capable of.

You are a naturally creative being. When you don't give expression to your natural creativity, you may have a deep sense of regret, which you can correct by starting to create right now.

One of the greatest regrets any of us have, even if we don't realize it, is about the love we felt and did not share.

Unexpressed love actually causes regret and sorrow, and now that you know that you can do something about it.

Use the exercise below as a way to address each of your regrets, and begin changing your patterns today.

Even though regret is a normal and unavoidable feeling, you don't have to just let them build and build over time. Choose now to transform these feelings into strength and wisdom.

An Exercise For Using Your Regrets In A Positive Way

  1. In your journaling practice, list all of your important relationships. 
  2. Then list all of the regrets you feel for each relationship.
  3. Ask yourself what you've learned from each of these experiences.
  4. Write about how you've improved going forward, and/or how you plan to improve as a result of these experiences.

One Man's Plan To Eliminate Regrets

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