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Provoked Fight With Motorcyclist, Got Chased And Nearly Crashed

by Marc
(Ogden, Utah, USA)

My story starts as I was driving my pickup truck and had a motorcycle following me so close that I could hardly see his bike. He passed between me and two cars and for some stupid reason I honked at him. This pissed him off and he gave me the finger.

I made a right turn and suddenly he was right behind me. I have a habit that I naturally speed up when I'm being tailgated and sometimes don't realize it and looked over at my speedometer and I was going 90 MPH in a 50 MPH. I pulled to the next traffic light to go home and the motorcycle pulled behind me.

After this I decided to drive to the police station which is more than 10 miles away. I was scared and nearly rear-ended a car up ahead as I was trying to avoid the motorcycle. I swerved to the right road shoulder and luckily the motorcycle drove off. I was quite sure I was going to die!

This Motorcycle driver was really pissed at me and I have always learned never to honk at another driver but for some stupid reason I did this time and it nearly turned out to be a deadly choice for me as I near had an accident and by sheer luck the motorcyclist decided after I nearly crashed that he would end the chase.

Response from Dr. DeFoore

Hello Marc, and thanks for telling your story here. I'm glad you're safe. It sounds like you made some good decisions and did not get caught up in the road rage yourself--meaning you didn't start venting your own anger behind the wheel.

I learned that slowing down is a good thing when someone is tailgating, as a defensive move to reduce the risk of accident--although it runs the risk of adding to the anger of the tailgater, if they're angry.

Meanwhile, drive safely, and take good care of yourself.

My very best to you,

Dr. DeFoore

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