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Online Counseling
By Dr. William DeFoore

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

The online counseling you will receive here is all provided by Dr. William DeFoore. With over 40 years of professional experience, he is well equipped to help you reach your counseling goals and overcome your difficulties.

online counseling

Dr. DeFoore will help you connect with the source of healing and well being at the core of you who you are, while teaching you skills that allow you to maintain your progress over time.

Whether you're dealing with depression, anger issues, or you want to improve your marriageor significant relationship, you can find the help you need here. And, you will learn to believe in yourself and the goodness of your own heart.

Keep reading to learn how the services are provided, and what types of counseling are available. 

Three Types Of Online Counseling To Choose From

Read Dr. DeFoore's bio to learn more about his background and professional experience.

With this type of highly professional counseling, you will get better results faster, and the tools you will learn will help you to maintain your progress over time.

Let's look at the types of online counseling available here:

  • Free one-time counseling input from Dr. DeFoore if your submission is accepted for publication on this site. Here's how it works: 1) Submit your story, problem or question on this page; 2) If your story is accepted, it will be published as a web page on this site; 3) Dr. DeFoore will provide suggestions, encouragement and guidance in response to your submission, which will be published on the same page as your story.
  • Video counseling, using Skype or FaceTime if your phone or computer has those functions. The use of Skype requires that you have a webcam on your computer, and have installed the software, which is available as a free download at If you prefer, you can also use FaceTime if your device offers that service. This way, you and Dr. DeFoore will be able to see each other as you speak.
  • Telephone counseling. Many clients have found this to be just as effective as face-to-face, in-person counseling sessions.

See the testimonial below, from a client who used Skype from the UK (printed with his permission). 

"You have helped me greatly re-educate myself via your considered and careful guidance. I have left behind a set of negative beliefs and feel I am starting afresh with useful tools to help me succeed on my new journey. I feel a strong sense of who I really am, what I am good at, and how I can live a healthier life. Thank you."

Tom Rose, UK

See Dr. DeFoore's bio page for more testimonials from clients.

Video and phone counseling are offered in 50 minute sessions. Contact us now to schedule or discuss fees. 

What You Can Expect From This Online Counseling

That is the bottom line, isn't it? One part of your answer is that you can get individual counseling for yourself, and/or couples counseling for you and your spouse or partner.

For the couples counseling, you can both get on the same phone with a speaker phone, or both get in front of the same camera for video sessions.

online counseling

And here are the benefits you can expect from online counseling with Dr. DeFoore:

  • Confidence that you are receiving highly professional guidance from a qualified, licensed counselor with over 40 years of experience.
  • Encouragement that you can reach your goals. Dr. DeFoore uses a positive approach, that focuses on your strengths and abilities while you're addressing your problems and shortcomings.
  • A strong, focused, practical approach to identifying your problems and outlining a plan for solving them. Dr. DeFoore will always let you know the approach he's using, where you stand in the process, and what lies ahead.
  • Results. If you do your part by showing up for the sessions, and if you complete the between-session assignments, you will get great results.

Okay, the rest is up to you. You came to this page, you read this far, and now it is time to take action.

Learn even more about online counseling resources available at your fingertips.

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