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Littering Turns Aggressive

by Deb
(Huntsville, AL)

I am a 48 year old woman. On a quiet Saturday afternoon, I was behind a car with 2 young adult males. They threw out a large bag of fast food trash that hit my car. This was followed by a drink from the driver's side.

I honked my horn (admittedly, I laid on it) and they slammed on their brakes and started to go very slow. I should have slowed down and gotten their license to report them, but I made the mistake of getting in the passing lane and went past them.

I wagged my finger at them when I went past. They got behind me in the fast lane and started tailgating me very closely. I got into the slow lane and then a three lane exit ( far right lane). They came up beside me in the left lane flipping me off and yelling and got very close to my car trying to force me off the road.

I stayed in the exit lane and they took another fast food bag and threw it at my drivers side window from very close range (leaving a big scratch on my new car) and then veered onto the interstate and paralleled me as long as the roads allowed, flipping me off and laughing.

I was approaching a gated military base before we all exited and in hindsight should have driven up to the gate or should not have passed them, or should have stayed behind them and gotten their license and reported them for littering and vandalizing my car, but it all happened so quickly.

I could not believe that they would get mad at me because I was angry that the trash they threw out of the car at 60mph hit my car. Incredible.

Response from Dr. DeFoore

Hello Deb, and thanks for telling your story here. I totally understand your outrage at the behavior of those two young men. There is simply no excuse for their actions, regarding the littering, nor harassing you. I'm glad you were not hurt in this incident.

I totally agree that slowing down, getting their license plate number and reporting them would have been a good idea. Anyone who is behaving in such a careless and irresponsible way is not going to open to correction from another driver such as you or me. Only the authorities would be able to get their attention.

For your own safety, I strongly encourage you to avoid expressing your feelings to irresponsible motorists in any way at all. It is just too dangerous. Think safety first, and always take action that is has your own best interest in mind. Although you did not mean to, I think you provoked those young men, and that is never a good idea. Just take care of yourself, and report illegal or irresponsible driving any time you get a chance.

Thank you for your submission, and all the best to you for safety on the road.

My very best to you,

Dr. DeFoore

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