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Keeping My Cool

by Alex
(Homestead, FL)

There have been many occasions where I get angry, but as of late my anger has been more then just cursing and the yelling. I've been with this girl for about two yrs now and for the most part we're "the happiest couple."

But when she gets drunk, I realize that I get into a rage that she describes as "Beast Mode"! It's like I don't see her as my lover, friend, and companion, I see her as the person I hate most!

Well at least that's what she says. I don't hate her nor do I dislike the fact that she drinks. It's the fact that she talks gibberish when she does. She becomes what I like to call a "Class A B!#@H" and that's when it all goes down, so to speak.

I wouldn't normally do this or even attempt to reach out for help but it's at a point where I haven't seen her in over a month and counting and I think that our relationship is going south.

I really need help or at least info on how to receive help with what I am going through.

Response from Dr. DeFoore

Hello Alex, and thanks for telling your story here. I'm glad you and your girlfriend have had some happiness together. It sounds like your anger issues focus primarily around her drinking. I will try to help.

I want you to consider that you are responsible for your anger, regardless of what your girlfriend or anyone else says or does. I suggest that you do the exercises described on this FAQ page. Do them all thoroughly and consistently, until you start to feel some relief and improvement. These tools will work for you, Alex, if you use them.

I also encourage you to educate yourself about alcoholism, by reading this page on alcohol abuse. If your girlfriend (or you) is abusing alcohol, your relationship will suffer.

Make up your mind to be the best person you can be, Alex. That is who you really are.

My very best to you,

Dr. DeFoore

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