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Just Me

by Ivy
(Detroit, MI)

I really don't know what to say, but I have so much hell in me I just don't know what to do. At first I could control it, but now there is no stopping me. When someone says or does something I do not like, I lose it. My mind is sometimes blank, then I snap out of it.

When I come to, I feel somewhat better. I think people should not be so dumb. All my life people have been hurting me or trying to, and I cannot take it any more.

What am I to do?

Response from Dr. DeFoore

Helly Ivy. Thank you for writing on this web site, so that others can benefit as well as you. The reason you want help, and the reason you don't like the way things are, is that you are a good person deep inside. I hear you that you have "hell" inside you, and I understand. I think we all have our own personal hell inside, so you are not alone...and you are not bad. I'm sure you can do a lot of damage with your anger, and you don't like that. So, I will do my best to help you be more like the person you really are, and the person you want to be.

The key to dealing with anger is to get it out in healthy ways, so that it doesn't come out in the wrong ways. I'll be honest with you...there are no quick fixes for anger problems. But, if you set your mind to it, you can heal your anger and be a healthy, happy person!

This is what I recommend:

1) Subscribe to our Healing Anger Newsletter, and you will receive a free Ebook that you can download and read. Follow all of the steps in that Ebook, and your anger will begin to heal and you will start to feel better.

2) If you don't want to do that, just read and practice these anger management techniques until you start feeling some release.

Remember Ivy, you are a good person. That's why you want to change. That's why you asked for help on this site.

Never, ever give up on yourself. You can be the person you choose to be.

Feel free to keep writing on this site, if you want to.

My best to you in your healing process,

Dr. DeFoore

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May 14, 2009
Hi Ivy
by: Abby

From what you describe of going blank, snapping out of it, getting very angry and so on you may have a chemical/hormonal imbalance and you need to have that properly checked out. You are worried about yourself and you are right to be worried in so much as, you do not want to bring others or yourself any harm.

Ring up your local health service/department (there should be something in the front of your phone book about what is available) and find out where you can go to be supported and get some help. You can do this anonymously and see what is available.

I, and others on this site, have been through terrible abuse too and know how difficult it can be. However, turning into what has hurt you and therefore hurting others and yourself again is not the answer. You don't want to be responsible for creating the same damage in someone else who is innocent do you?

Please continue to write and dialogue with us here. It feels like a little community and you will find comfort and support. Personally though I will encourage you to do EVERYTHING possible to help yourself and it's very important that you have a medical check up and tell the doctor what is happening with your anger. Don't be afraid, you have to get help and you will find support on this site while you are doing it.

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