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How I Handle Road Rage

by Diana
(Evansville, IN USA)

Years ago, when I was in my twenties, I guess I had a shorter temper and not much understanding of humans, in general. I think those are the reasons I'd swear at people who cut me off, and make nasty comments under my breathe, about those who drove too slowly. To the speeders, I'd try to catch up, and then give them the "evil eye." To the slow pokes, I'd honk and then just zip by them, in frustration.

But years have gone by, and I've matured. It took me awhile, but I finally figured out that people who cut you off and pass you at twice the speed limit, don't get much further than you do. I've tested this theory.

In a five mile stretch, a driver will race by me and several other cars, then fly past some one else, and keep repeating this action, until I can't see him, anymore.

Several minutes later, I've stopped at a red light, and amazingly, there he/she is, right next to me! So what was accomplished here, I ask myself. Was the driver trying to prove who could get to this red light quicker?

I seriously think that people like that either need to take some rage management classes, or have their license revoked, because they're a road hazard to all us normal drivers.

As for people who drive way below the speed limit, I've realized that most of them are older adults. I now understand that forty years ago, when these people probably got their license, driving 40mph was considered a speeding violation.

They've driven this way all of their lives and no one is going to change that, so I just slowly pass them without getting the least bit upset. I'll be there some day, myself.

I think the realization of my own rage was finally neutralized with meditation. Someone told me once while I was right in the middle of anger, that I should calm down because I was making myself sick. For some reason, that statement struck a nerve.

I actually wasn't feeling very well physically, and after I got out of my car, my ulcer started to act up. Was all this fury over nothing the real culprit of all of my body ailments?

At that point, I started to do some research about it, and came upon a book about meditation and how it can basically cure you of physical sickness. My space is limited here, so giving details isn't practical. But I can tell you that it works.

Everything that seemed to be physically wrong with me totally disappeared in a few months. Since then, I've felt like a normal, calm and sympathetic person who better understands the human condition.

Response from Dr. DeFoore

Hi Diana, and thanks for your great article. Your points are well taken and well thought out. Many people could benefit from following your example.

My very best to you,

Dr. DeFoore

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