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Forgive and Forget on the Road

by Anonymous

As an individual who constantly relies on the road to get around from place to place, it is always important to remember that we must share the road with others and be considerate to other people on the road at all times.

We should all remember that drivers are humans like everyone else and they are prone to make mistakes at time.

These mistakes might seem minor like being distracted by kids in the back seat or talking to people on their cell phones. We should remember to realize that we are guilty of making the same misjudgment on the road too.

We need to forgive these people, because wasting our energy on this will lead to a chaos of activities that will inevitably result in us causing some major accident on the road because we get distracted and frustrated by all the people around us.

Remember that the road is our way to find freedom and happiness, it is a place for us to relax and listen to our favorite tunes on the radio.

Just remember that our ability to put these minor angry moments in perspective will alway us to be able to understand the constant burdens that other people are constantly dealing with and we should remember that they are human.

Overall, be happy and drive safe and the rest will follow. Being a safe driver is being mentally stable will driving and not allowing these little distractions to affect their mood while driving.

We need to remember that we are human and should come to remember that we all need to forgive each other even if someone makes a careless mistake on the road. Just be happy that we are healthy and living a wonderful life. Thank you again.

Response from Dr. DeFoore

Thanks for this contribution. I agree with everything you said, and it will be good for others to read this.

You make some very valid points that are easily forgotten as we rush from one place to another.

My very best to you,

Dr. DeFoore

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