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Fists Of Steel!

by Mike

"Blue Screen of Death," "Fatal Exception," "Program Not Responding." Just some of the ways our PCs tell us they need a break. This is everyday stuff we computer users have to cope with and if you're like me--that is heavily relying on a PC both in the office and at home--you'll probably feel the urge to cringe right about now. I lost count of how often I've banged my fist on my keyboard, or shouted at my monitor, urging my PC to finally open that web page or close that program.

Sometimes I feel as if I'm on a hidden camera show, and there's a group of people in the next room, cracking up at my reddened face. Oh well, I've learned that no matter how loud I shout, or how often I bang my fist on my insert preferred PC peripheral here I haven't been able to use my self-proclaimed Vulcan mind tricks to make my PC behave. Instead, when my PC needs more time than I would want to grant it, I just get up, grab a glass of water, and thank my PC for making me more active and keep hydrated... and not to mention saving me another 20 bucks in keyboard repairs...

Response from Dr. DeFoore

Thanks Mike, for a great piece on computer anger! I'm sure a lot of folks can relate. I especially like your idea of looking for the upside--exercise and hydration! There is always an upside, and you're doing a good job finding it with your computer woes. Keep up the good work!

Dr. DeFoore

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Road Revenge

by Michael
(Lincolnshire, IL)

I was driving down Milwaukee Avenue on the way to work. I was running a little bit late, so no question I was a little bit on edge. I wasn’t actually angry, however, until the black Mercedes cut me off and then proceeded to drive…slow.

What in the heck was this person thinking?! How oblivious! I don’t mind someone driving slowly, but keep to the right lane so people can pass in the left if they want. And most assuredly do not cut someone off.

I am angry. I am red. I scan the road, looking for a way to get around this guy. I know I should be focused on the road. Maybe I should be focused on getting to work on time. But it seems I have become obsessed with passing this guy and cutting HIM off. My mind is set on revenge.

Looking right, I see the chance to move over and possibly drive ahead of the Mercedes. I get over, but then as I accelerate to pass on the right, the Mercedes inexplicably speeds up, sending me into a new fit of rage. I am forced to brake as the car in front of me is braking.

My turn for work is coming up, and I need to get back into the left lane. Unfortunately, several cars now separate me from the black Mercedes, and I will not get the chance to even the score.

To my surprise, the Mercedes turns onto my street and proceeds on to the building where I work. My company’s CEO gets out and heads into the building, seemingly oblivious to the whole affair. I park far from his car and enter the building, thanking fate for not letting me exact the revenge I had wanted so badly.

Response from Dr. DeFoore

Great story! It is wonderful when we have a close call like that, and get to learn important things--but not the hard way. You're obviously smart enough to know that seeking revenge usually backfires.

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