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Defuse The Lit Fuse

by Anonymous

I had a second grade classmate that had acted very foolishly. While everyone was lined up ready to enter into the school, all of the boys were standing at attention, this clown decides to spit at everyone in front of the line.

I got punished for it and for years it stuck with me having been punished for something I didn't do. I swore one day he would pay for what he had done.

Some twenty odd years later I happened to see him. He looked so bad and pitiful that what was once on my mind
just didn't matter any more. After that day I never saw him again.

Now in case you are wondering about why I was so angry for so long, it is because back during that time corporal punishment was in effect. Having being hit by your teacher for someone else's idioticy is highly unpleasurable especially when you're a seven year old kid.

Response from Dr. DeFoore

Hello, and thanks for telling your story here. I'm sure you have good reason for the anger you felt. You didn't mention what the corporal punishment was, but it sounds like you were in a pretty strict school (kids standing at attention), and that usually means harsh punishment.

It says a lot for you and your emotional health that you were able to let go of your anger when you saw the bad shape the guy was in when you saw him 20 years later.

It also occurs to me that you might be angry at the school or the system that punished you for something you didn't do. Either way, you might find it helpful to do the three part journaling process described on this page. This will help you to process any remaining anger you may have, and it will give you some good tools for future coping.

I hope you are able to create a good life for yourself.

My very best to you,

Dr. DeFoore

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