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City Slickers

by Ivan

I live in a city and drive everyday. One of the worst things about city drivers is that they really don’t care about who else is on the road and they are just care about getting from point A to point B.

Because of this I tend to get a little road rage, but I do try my best to stay relaxed. Being cut off is an everyday occurrence for me and usually I just honk my horn to let them know that, yes there are other drivers on the road, but sometimes I get a little carried away and flip them off (which is illegal and you can get in trouble because of this).

Luckily I’ve never gotten physically hurt because of road rage and I do try not to do what my brother does, which is tail gating and make the other drivers life a living hell.

The one time that I felt I lost control was when I had waited my turn at a stop sign and was edging out to make sure that no crazy driver was going to side swipe me when suddenly I see a flashy red car speed across my field of view!

Either he hadn’t seen the stop sign or he really didn’t care that it was my turn to go! So instead of staying on course back home I took an immediate right and sped up right behind him and followed him to the next stop sign.

I pulled next to him rolled down my window and started cursed him back to the last century. We exchanged insults for a couple seconds before I realized that the situation might get ugly, so I conceded and turned back around.

The other day I heard of a driver getting shot 6 times because of road rage, apparently, the shooter had been cut off by a young couple.

Road rage really isn’t worth the energy and time, but sometimes I wish I could just sock those wreckless drivers right in the jaw.

Response from Dr. DeFoore

Thanks, Ivan. I'm sure a lot of people have felt like you do. The question is not whether we get angry on the road, but what we do about it.

And as you pointed out, there are some things that can be actually life threatening. I'm glad you're doing your part of control your own anger behind the wheel.

I really appreciate your contribution.

My best to you,

Dr. DeFoore

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