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Church-Going Road-Rager

by Courtney
(St. Charles, MO, USA)

I am a church going Catholic. I typically go to the same church every Sunday, but I figured I'd switch it up one week and check out a much bigger one on a busier street. Bad idea. My mom and I went on a Saturday night at 5:00 p.m. which apparently everyone else goes to as well.

I decided to ride with her since it would save on gas and on time. We stayed the whole mass and took our time walking out with everyone else. The church was beautiful and architecturally appealing with huge vaulted ceiling and stained glass on each side. The front even had an Olympic looking fire stand, the purpose of it still to be determined by me.

We got to her car and as we pulled out onto the street, it seemed everyone got in their car at the same time and wanted to go the exact same way. We were getting ready to make a right hand turn onto the busy street when a lady pulls out halfway and just stops, waiting for our signal I'm sure. Except...she was halfway on the street anyways!

We couldn't go anywhere because she was blocking our way and of course the light turned green. I start talking normally, my mom patiently waving at this lady to go for at LEAST 30 seconds, which doesn't seem that long but oh, it was. I start raising my fists trying to tell her to go, completely oblivious to everyone walking by us staring at me and my apparent road rage.

My mom drives a Chrysler Sebring convertible, so I can guarantee everyone heard my fit of anger. I'm still screaming and can't get myself to cuss at her because I just came from church. It sounded something like..."COME ON LADY!! GOOO!!! WE CAN'T GO ANYWAYS BECAUSE YOUR SILLY BUTT COULDNT STOP IN TIME AND AHH!! YOU'RE LUCKY I JUST CAME FROM CHURCH OR I'D GIVE YOU A PIECE OF MY MIND!"

She just looks at us and finally goes when the light turned yellow. And of course she makes it in time! But my mom, the patient still sitting there calmly. She finally looks at me and asks if I'm finished. "Yes, I feel much better."

There is a glimpse into my road rage (even when I'm not driving).

Response from Dr.DeFoore

Thanks for this humorous submission about yourself, Courtney. The ability to laugh at yourself is a great asset, and you seem to have that! I think others will enjoy reading this, and perhaps get a chuckle or two. And, I'm guessing you might be a little less likely to react like that next time--being a church-goer and all!

My very best to you,

Dr. DeFoore

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