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Anger Turning to Rage

by Manoj T
(Bsreilly, Uttar Pradesh, India)

While driving a car, I often find that I have very little patience with other users of the road who do not follow the rules and etiquette of the road. Sometimes I get so angry that I nearly drive into people, only avoiding them at the last minute by swerving off.

Once, while I was driving on a narrow road, one car ahead of me would not give a pass despite my making repeated horn and light signals. The driver, though he noticed me, continued driving at a leisurely pace without even making an effort to give me a pass, even at places where there was sufficient space.

Finding a little space off the road at one place I stepped up on the accelerator and managed to over take him after some 5 KM.

I went and halted right in front of him. I got out of the car and gave him a nice thrashing before he could react. I then got back into my car and drove off.

Response from Dr. DeFoore

Thanks for your submission, Manoj. You put this in the category of asking for counseling, so I'm going to try to help.

Road rage does not originate on the road. That's where it comes out, as a symptom of an underlying problem. Your anger has a story behind it, probably going all the way back to your early childhood, added to by your cumulative life experience. I suggest you read one of these books to start to understand the stories behind your anger. Then you might want to use some imagery exercises to heal some of the emotional wounding from your past.

Your rage is the steam coming from the boiling water on the stove. Your anger is the fire beneath the pot. Your pain and fear are the source of the anger/fire causing your rage. And your pain and fear came from the most loving relationships of your life.

Write about your traumatic experiences in great detail. This can be very helpful for releasing some of the tension you have been holding that leads to your anger and rage.

I hope this helps. Thanks again for your submission.

My best to you,

Dr. DeFoore

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