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Anger Release Cured My Skin Problems

by Virgil

It started with patches of dry skin that many people have in the winter time. But this time they lasted through the summer. And they got worse. I tried every kind of lotion, cream, gel and ointment I could find, and even though they seemed to help for a little while the problem came back worse.

Meanwhile, my wife and I were going through some healing in our marriage and I realized I had been angry with her for several years and had not fully realized it or what it was doing to our marriage. I was shocked to find that she was actually shutting down and pulling away more than I would have dreamed of. That's when I started dealing with my anger.

I looked at all of the past relationships I've had where I've been angry, and went all the way back to the beginning. The earliest exposure to anger I can recall is my two grandmothers. They were both very religious but very angry women. You could see it in their faces. My father's mother beat him mercilessly, to the point that she would do it outside where she could hose off the blood when she was finished. I grew up in the shadow of his unexpressed rage toward his mother and women in general.

So now I'm doing some deep and powerful soul-searching. I will not allow my anger and old unresolved crap destroy my marriage to my amazing and beautiful wife.

Meanwhile, my skin problem got worse. The red, bumpy, itchy swollen places started showing up all over my arms and legs. It was driving me crazy. And I'm not a rush-off-to-the-doctor kind of guy. I believe in the body's natural healing capacity, and I have seen my approach work time and again throughout my life. But this skin problem was the biggest challenge I had ever faced. I was scared.

Then, in a conversation with my wife--who is also my best friend, I realized that my anger now had nowhere to go any more. I am not angry at another person, and always in the past I could find someone, usually the woman I was dating or married to, to direct my anger toward. By the way, I am not a horrible abuser or rager. My anger came out in subtle, passive-aggressive unconscious ways that are in many ways just as damaging as the open in-your-face types of anger.

So I started doing some anger release work like Dr. DeFoore describes in his book, and in his 4 CD program. Wow...I was amazed at how much there was in there. And I'm not done.

When I started releasing my anger, my skin started to heal immediately. Yes, I mean immediately. It didn't itch as much, the swelling went down and the patches started drying up and scabbing over in places.

I'm not done yet, but I have no doubt I'm on the right track. All of this is about love. I love my wife, and I love myself and I love my body. I will get this anger out so that all of my emotions and my body can be healthy.

Response from Dr. DeFoore

Excellent contribution, Virgil. Your comments will help others to know how powerful emotional healing can be in the process of healing physical problems. Thank you!

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Jan 21, 2010
I Related to Your Story
by: Anna

Hi. I loved your story and how courageous you were to do the anger releasing. My husband and I did the same thing years ago. We read Bill DeFoore's book and then started punching the heck out of pillows. Before I started to do the anger releasing I had severe depression, horrible migraine headaches, and a bad case of psoriasis on my face and arms. I was always going to dermatologists to get lotions and treatments for my skin condition. One doctor actually said that my skin problem was mainly due to my stress level. He said that if I ever calmed down in my life, my skin would get better. At that time I did notice that my skin condition got worse whenever I was especially stressed out.

Within the first months of punching pillows I noticed that my migraine headaches started to go away. Next I noticed that I was less depressed and my skin was not bothering me as bad. My husband and I kept at it until the migraine headaches and depression were totally gone. I still have some problem with my skin every once in awhile when something happens in my life that bothers me, but it's not nearly as bad as it used to be. No medical doctor had ever prescribed punching pillows and throwing a full-out tantrum on a padded mattress to me before. I'm so glad that I read Bill DeFoore's book and did the anger releasing exercises and I'm so happy to be commenting on another person's story who did the same thing.

I was also amazed at how much rage I had in my body. It was not easy to face it at first, but I'm really glad that I did. It will be something that I will do anytime I need to now and in the future too.

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