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Anger Management Tools
For Quick Relief And Lasting Control

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

You will find the anger management tools you need right here on this page. In order to get any job done, you've 
got to have the right tools! The methods and techniques you will find on this page and on this site will help you get the job done quickly and once and for all. 

anger management tools

I know what you want. You want quick relief--you want the anger, frustration and anxiety to stop right now!

And, even better--you can have lasting control. You can do this! You have everything you need to put these tools to work and heal your anger.

As a matter of fact, you are your own best anger management resource. That means that the answers are inside you.

You are smarter and stronger than you have ever realized, and now you can learn to use that in healthy, loving ways.

The Anger Management Tools You Need

For quick relief

  • Your own mind is your most important tool. To prove it, say these things to yourself, preferably out loud:
    • "This is all going to work out fine."
    • "I'm going to get through this."
    • "I'm a smart, good person, and I can get where I want to be, one step at a time."
  • Another thing you can do with your mind is this: Look forward to feeling better! When you're not looking forward to feeling better, your mind will automatically go to fear, which will add to your feeling of helplessness, which fuels your anger big time! When you're looking forward to feeling better and getting things resolved, you will automatically start to feel better.
  • Your courage is a powerful tool, and it connects to your good heart. It took courage for you to come to this web site. You have chosen to take responsibility for your anger, or you wouldn't be here. That responsibility will give you the freedom to change.
  • Your fingers--what? My fingers? Yes! Your fingers that you use to type on your key pad and direct your mouse to the information on this web site that you need. Here are some of the anger management methods for quick relief that are just a click away on this site:
anger management tools
    • The free Anger Management Techniques E-book that you will receive when you sign up for our Healing Anger Newsletter. It's amazing how many free anger management tools are available for you right here!
    • Anger Management Worksheets that will let you know whether you have an anger problem, how bad it is, and what to do about it.
    • Free previews of many of our CD programs dealing with anger and forgiveness, emotional healing, and expectations in marriage.
    • Watch this video of Dr. DeFoore speaking on anger management tools at Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas.
  • Your sheer determination--have you ever heard the statement, "You can do anything you set your mind to!"? Well, it's true--you can. Make up your mind that you are going to use the anger management tools you have, and the ones you will find on this web site until you have mastered your anger once and for all.

Great! Now that you've gotten some quick relief, let's look at some ways to create lasting control over your anger and your aggressive behavior--so that you don't get in trouble, and so that you don't hurt the people you love!

Don't want to invest the time and/or money to get the lasting control? Okay, but if you stop with the quick relief, you'll just end up in the same boat--or worse.

Now, let's get down to business. Your lasting control is going to come from choosing the right information, products and services.

Here are some more anger management tools you need...

For lasting control

Books available in hardcopy or ebook format will give you everything you need to know about:

  • Different kinds of anger and where it comes from
anger management book
  • How anger relates to grief and depression
  • How anger and rage can become addictive and how to break those addictive cycles
  • Men's anger
  • Women's anger
  • Child and adolescent anger
  • Healthy anger and your health--how to develop the spiritual warrior
  • How to be an emotionally healthy adult
  • The spirituality of anger
  • And much, much more!

Audiobooks available that give you anger management tools in these areas:

  • Love, Anger and Forgiveness
  • Anger Management Techniques
  • Anger: Deal With It Before It Deals With You
  • Healing Anger and Depression
  • Expectations In Marriage
  • Sacred Roles In Marriage
  • Helping Your Children With Their Anger
  • Anger In Teens

Counseling services are a key component for lasting control. Here are the different types of counseling available from Dr. William DeFoore:

  • Anger management counseling--for adults who want to develop their anger management tools
  • Marriage and couples counseling--for couples who want to improve their relationship and learn about forgiveness
  • Family counseling--for families who have children or adolescents with anger management problems
  • Anger Management Programs--for people who want to go further faster, or who live outside the Dallas area

Last, but not least! Be sure and exercise, eat three balanced meals a day, and develop a positive attitude. This is the baseline, or foundation for everything else, and if that foundation is not in place, nothing works! You've got to love yourself to do these things, and this audiobook will help you to recognize your worth and value.

You've got what it takes to use these anger management tools to reach all of your goals and create a good life for yourself! Because, after all, you are your own best anger management resource

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