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Is The Whole State Crazy?

I moved to Colorado from California seven years ago. When I ask people why other drivers seem to drive so bad here, I often get the response, "It's because of all the California drivers who have migrated here!"

Really? Because I have never in my life seen the kind of erratic, spiteful, and dangerous actions people engage in here in Colorado. I don't take it personal. The craziness is indiscriminate and I realize I am entering a war zone every time I get in my car.

Ironic how the large metropolitan state I come from despite the gridlock, the high speeds, and the large highways is in fact more safe and smart at driving than the little Southwest state of Colorado.

I have lived in both places - I see a stark contrast! I think maybe the whole state of Colorado slept through driver's ed 101. I am so tired of my life being put at risk because other people don't care to avoid risk by driving defensively. It's such a basic concept.

Just settle down, folks. Worry about yourself - not what other people are doing in the car next to you. You'll get to where you need to go in the same amount of time.

Taking your rage out on someone else is so not worth the spike in blood pressure nor is it worth the risk of not ever making it to where you are going!

I have two kids so I am ever more protective when I get in the car. Please keep other people's lives and safety in mind as well as yours.

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A Man Punched My Car!

by Peggy
(Ft. Lee, NJ, USA)

On the way to work this morning, I signaled my intention to merge into another lane. The driver to my right and behind me let me in, so I waved "Thank you." Then he beeped his horn and followed me on my bumper!?

At the light, he got out of his car, was screaming at me through the window. I kept it up and did not react, and he then punched the window, and spit on it. Then he followed me on my bumper, despite that we were in traffic, with drivers ahead of me with no place for me to go or pull over.

Also, he was wearing a postal uniform. A few miles up the road he turned off, so I never got his plate number. What did I do to provoke him? He was insane. How could I have managed this, should I have phoned the police or should I still report the incident?

This was very scary and I suspect, if I was young and pretty or a big strong man, he would not have treated me this way. I always try to be respectful and daily I am cut off, to the point of where it could cause an accident, and usually it's a bigger car or SUV or a BMW, they're the worst! You have to let them have the road because they take it anyway. I go with the traffic flow and get out of the way for faster drivers.

Response from Dr. DeFoore

Hello Peggy, and thanks for telling your story here. Thank you for being one of the safe, courteous drivers on the road. It sounds like you did not do anything to provoke this man. Nothing you did would justify his behavior toward you.

I see no problem with you reporting him. You might save someone else from similar treatment, and you might even help him by reporting him. Maybe it will result in him getting some help.

Keep driving safely and defensively Peggy, and I hope you have an enjoyable, pleasant life.

My very best to you,

Dr. DeFoore

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