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A Cure For Panic Attacks And Everything Else

by Abby

I suffered from panic attacks for most of my life. For anyone who has experienced them you know how severe and debilitating they can be. I salute you my friend, for still being alive. Here are the two most powerful healing things I have ever discovered and they work, instantly. They really do.

1. Panic attacks CANNOT hurt you no matter how bad they feel. You know how panic attacks are often about not having control? It is simply emotion not dealt with because we've always run away from them. The answer is to control them instead of them controlling you. Just TRY to have one. You can't. Go on, try. Next time you feel that horrible rush creeping up your body, run TOWARDS it. Welcome it. Just do it once with all your heart, open yourself to it and try to make it bigger and better than ever before. You've got nothing to lose. Try it and the fear will INSTANTLY dissipate. It is so funny, I guarantee that you will laugh out loud and YOU will have control from now on.

2. A lot of anxiety, if not all of it, comes from guilt, from judging ourselves, even if we think it comes from judging other people who have done abominable things to us. If these things happened to us as children especially, we somehow learn shame, we learn how not to love ourselves. Well here is a technique that will, instantly, stop you turning to drugs or alcohol for instance for comfort and it will bring peace. Do it whole- heartedly. Do it like you mean it and you will suddenly realize what you really needed all along. You. And that you've got everything you need with you, right here, right now.

Put your hand over your heart and a little above it and rub that part of your body gently with the flat of your hand and say 'Even though (here put in any disturbing thought you have like), even though I've had panic attacks all my life or even though I've been rejected all my life or even though I've been an alcoholic all my life, or even though I've done a certain thing that I'm very unhappy about (name that thing)or even though I've got bipolar disorder or a limp or big ears or whatever disturbs you, go through everything that has ever disturbed you and do this. Say "Even though (what ever it is) I profoundly and deeply love and accept myself" and keep gently rubbing the area over your heart. Do this for a while, do it every time you feel upset. "Even though I did a bad job at work and Mrs. Kahfoops was nasty to me, I profoundly and deeply love and accept myself." It will bring to you the most delicious feeling of intimacy with yourself and a deep, deep peace that no one can take away from you.

Response from Dr. DeFoore

Great stuff, Abby! This is an excellent technique, that I endorse whole heartedly. Thanks for your contribution.

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