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Gas Station Madness

by Tetramobile

Here’s a story of when I kept my anger under control in a situation in which I think anyone would understand if I didn’t.

One day I was on my way to meet a friend for lunch and I was already running late. I needed to stop at the ATM and get gas, so figured that instead of going to the bank, I would just go get gas and go to the ATM inside the gas station. That way I don’t have to make two stops.

So, I went and got gas as normal and then went inside to use the ATM. Put my card in and everything and the ATM all of a sudden said it wasn’t working and spit my card out. I went up to the counter and told them about the ATM.

They said there wasn’t anything to do with it and pretty much blew me off. I then said that it’s a problem because I needed to pay for my gas and needed the ATM in order to get money to pay for it.

You would have thought that I decided to rob the place. They get really serious and said that it’s a problem and they could either let me go to the ATM down the road and come back or call the police.

They decided to call the police. For what, I have no idea. I didn’t do anything illegal or wrong and calling the police isn’t really resolving anything. I tried to explain to them how no matter what’s going on that I need to go to another ATM to pay. They asked me if there are other cards that I could use. Like it was my fault that their ATM was broken. I didn’t bring any credit cards with me.

So, they called the police and then tell me that I have to wait here 30min until they come. For what? I have to stay there because what? So, I wait and wait and I’m already late for lunch with my friend 45min later and there is still no police. I have some money on me, but not enough to cover the gas. So, I bought a drink and I’m just sitting here waiting for the police to come.

None of them are talking to me or telling me what’s going on. I’m being treated like an idiot for no reason. During this I called a friend and they were nearby and said they would stop by and drop off some money. An hour into this whole thing everything came at one, the police, and my friend.

I walk outside. Before the police could even talk to me I had already paid for my gas. I then had to stay for another 20min while the police were writing down things.

This whole time I’m keeping calm and not saying anything, just rolling with it and then before I walk out to leave the person working there that started this whole thing just said a quick "sorry" in passing. Not like stopping and saying "I’m sorry," but just an under the breath "sorry" and I think that’s what made me super mad. All in all, I stayed cool.

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