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Dr. DeFoore's Healing Anger Newsletter entitled "From Wounded Warrior To Spiritual Warrior"
March 15, 2013
Hi, learn about the spiritual warrior.

From The Wounded Warrior
To The Spiritual Warrior

wounded warrior angel

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March 15, 2013
Healing Anger Newsletter, Issue #058

From Wounded Warrior
To Spiritual Warrior

Contents of this newsletter

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Your Anger Is A Wounded Warrior

Your little warrior spirit started showing up around the age of two years, which is why we have the term, "the terrible twos." It's developmentally appropriate, and completely normal.

Not knowing the value and importance of your anger and your warrior spirit, your parents probably failed to honor your little warrior. It got rejected, punished, ignored or squashed. So it went into the shadows, wounded and hidden in the dark recesses of your subconscious mind.

Here's how this happened, step by step:

  • Your brilliant mind (and your Creator) knew that you would be threatened and opposed in your life, because that is natural in this world.

  • Your brilliant mind knew that you needed to be able to stand up for yourself, to push back and to know how to say "No."

  • Because most parents have no idea about the value of anger and the necessity of developing skills for standing your ground and making your point, your little warrior was wounded through punishment and neglect.

  • So you had no choice but to deny and suppress this beautiful and powerful aspect of your being, whose purpose is nothing more and nothing less than standing up for you.

So, the wounded warrior turns that powerful energy of anger into depression, bitterness, anxiety and rage. It's just not healthy to suppress your anger.

The harm done by anger in the world is a result of the suppression and wounding of the warrior spirit.

So now we're going to look at ways that you can revive, renew and honor your warrior spirit, as you begin developing it into a spiritual warrior.

spiritual warrior

What Is The Spiritual Warrior?

The spiritual warrior is your healthy anger, aligned with your wisdom and your values.

It is far more vast and powerful than the warrior spirit, because it includes and operates in conjunction with your wisdom, your values and your good heart.

Here are some perspectives on the spiritual warrior:

  • You notice that the word "spiritual" comes first, and "warrior" comes second...whereas the order is reversed for the warrior spirit.

  • The warrior spirit is good, but undeveloped. And it can become destructive if it's not cultivated and guided.

  • The spiritual warrior develops as a result of healing the emotional wounds of the wounded warrior, bringing love, compassion and understanding to operate alongside healthy anger.

  • Your spiritual warrior is a part of you, it's not all that you are. It is a metaphor, an image to help you embrace and honor your healthy anger aligned with your values.

  • Values clarification is key here. If you don't know what your values are, just spend some time alone, and ask yourself what matters most in life to you. Keep working with your list until each item on your list brings a sense of peace, purpose and love to your heart and mind.

  • Now come up with your own, personal image of your internal spiritual warrior. Keep in mind that this is your healthy anger, your internal protector, who operates only in accordance with your will and the values you have just listed.

This is a highly personal process, and I encourage you to share it very carefully with a select friend or two, or not at all. Many people could easily misunderstand or misinterpret this whole idea. Make it your own, and hold it close to your heart.

Imagine the feelings of confidence, security, strength and optimism that will come naturally and easily to you as you continue to develop and strengthen this beautiful and powerful aspect of your magnificent inner being.

anger among angels

This book will guide you through a process specifically designed to transform your warrior spirit into a spiritual warrior. Here is a quote from a reader of Anger Among Angels:

"I really liked Anger Among Angels. You are so passionate about embracing everything in our psyche and alienating nothing. Reading your book comforts me."
Arzu Calis, Executive Coach.

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How To Develop The Spiritual Warrior

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